How to Pull Off A Pool Party Invitation in Publisher

While it may be challenging to write an invitation to a pool party, it won’t be that hard to get everyone thrilled for it. Statistics have shown that within 2018, 22.77% of Americans aged 10-29 years have stated they went swimming at least once. Swimming is definitely a fun activity to get everyone to join in, and thanks to Publisher’s features, printing an invite will be a breeze. But if you need some help with content, then here are some tips you can follow:

1. Tailor Your Message

Writing one invitation to another can get repetitive and boring. So change it up a little, not all of your guests are going to be the same kind (unless this is a formal kind of pool party). Tailor your message based on the guest, you can write informally if you are writing to your close personal friend for example. If you’re inviting children, then write in a simple manner. Make sure all your guests can understand it because a boring and confusing invitation can put off all your guests.

2. Go With A Theme

Add images and graphics that are stereotypically associated with pool party examples including splashing water graphics, inflatable tube images, and beach balls. Unless the party has a specific theme such as Hawaiian, then maybe include tropical imagery like pineapples and summer colors. Doing this will make your invitation look cool and memorable at the same time. Make sure however that it isn’t all over the place, sometimes, less is more so be moderate in adding imagery to your invitation. Also, make sure the background color chosen doesn’t make the written text blend into the background and make it difficult to read.

3. Jump Into the Details

Share key details like location and time for your party. If you wish to allocate space in your invitation, you may also add a map so that your guests can easily navigate to where the party is. You may also specify what type of pool party this is, whether this is just a get-together, a birthday party or a summer activity, that way your guests will know what type of event they are attending to. Another important thing to note is to inform whether the guests will need to bring extra clothes to wear after swimming and whether the pool is deep enough to bring swimming floats along.

4. Think Before You Print

Before you print out your invitations and hand them out to your invited guests, take a good look at the template first. Make sure there aren’t any typos, and that the text is readable. If you’ve added photos and graphics, then check and see if it is taking up too much space or if it overlaps on any of the writing. Have a friend check it out for you as well, as a fresh pair of eyes is more likely to spot a mistake. Once it is all done, you can hit the print button and hand out those invitations.

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