When early Chinese exchanged messages of goodwill to celebrate a New Year, they have no idea they were practicing a gesture that will eventually become one of the modern ways to express emotion. Today, we send out greeting cards to celebrate birthday days, Christmas, weddings, sports events, various holidays, and more. With a greeting card, we can keep in touch with people who are dear to us by writing personalized messages and short letters. Although we live in a digital age, we can still give away cards through emails and chats. Nevertheless, greeting cards are special if it is made heartily.

If you want to create greeting cards for different occasions, here are our ready-made Printable Greeting Card Templates available in MS Word file format. Craft creative cards for your friends, family, and loved ones now! With our templates, you can customize your cards based on your design preference. Because of its editable feature, you can add more graphic elements and personalize the card as much as you like. To get started, download a template that visually appeals to you. After that, modify it using MS Word.

To make your card more special, compose a short message to come with it. Use fonts that complement your design so that your card will stand out. Additionally, write your name and affix your signature on the card before sending it. This way, the receiver knows who sends the greeting card to them. Making greeting cards could not get any easier with a template.

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