Whether it’s motocross or formula 1, there’s a lot of excitement that comes with a good race. If you’re putting together a big racing event, then you’ll want to share the adrenaline-pumping action with as many people as possible. That’s why we’ve got plenty of professional Ready-Made Racing Flyer Templates for you to advertise with! Our flyer designs are sure to attract, coming in A4 and US letter sizes (with bleed). These templates are 100% customizable and easily editable, letting you save time in Microsoft Publisher. Download now and start promoting your next auto racing tournament!

How to Make Racing Flyers in Microsoft Publisher

There’s no doubt that vehicular-racing events can really get the blood pumping, for both audiences and participants. In drag racing, a dragster can quickly reach 300 MPH in about 3 seconds. It’s no wonder the highspeed and thrillseeking nature of these sports are so alluring to a large demographic.

To get the word out there about your own exciting racing tournament, download and customize one of our Read-Made Race Flyer Templates. These expertly-crafted designs are sure to rouse passersby and get them interested! And, there’s no need to doubt your editing abilities, since Microsoft Publisher makes it a breeze to get our templates prepped and ready for distribution in no time!

If you need a bit of help to get started, then just go through our handy guide down below.

1. Gear up Your Computer With Microsoft Publisher

MS Publisher is a reliable piece of editing software when it comes to customizing our designs. Not only is it a perfect fit for creating a flyer, but it’s also good for putting together all kinds of other distributable reading material -- brochures, posters, magazines, etc. To install Publisher onto your computer, visit Microsoft’s online Office Store and choose a subscription plan that works for you. After that, you can then download and install Publisher.

2. Make a Pit Stop at Our Template Collection

After you manage to get a copy of MS Publisher, have a look at our flyer templates (on this page) and decide which racing-oriented design is perfect for promoting your event. When you’re ready to download one, click on the desired template’s thumbnail to open the download page; a different tab will open in your web browser. On the new tab, use the provided download button and follow some quick instructions before saving the template file to your computer. To help you easily find the template later, rename the file and choose/create a folder that’s quick to access.

3. Rev up MS Publisher and Get Ready to Edit

Were you able to pick a suitable design for your advertising idea? Run Publisher and use it to open your downloaded template file.

Besides the necessary details about your event, try to get a bit creative and think of some catchy lines to include in your flyer’s contents. Racing of all kinds are high-octane and exciting, so your dialog should be written to match. Fun and witty writing always makes advertisements seem more interesting, which makes readers more likely to remember your promotion afterward and helps encourage them to attend your event.

Having a bit of large, stationary reading material is a good addition to your handouts. So, incorporate the use of banner ads to further improve exposure for your upcoming race.

4. Floor the Gas and Make Those Flyers Zoom

Double-check your edit and iron out any errors that you might find. Save your work and your flyers are ready to hand out. Whether it’s a car or bike race, you can count on Microsoft Publisher and our promotional flyer templates to get the attention you need!

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