With the rise of technology, there are countless ways to advertise a business. But, the marketing material that'll never go out of style is the brochure. In the case of your real estate business, brochures are an excellent means of introducing and promoting its offers. With our easily editable and 100% customizable Realtor Brochure Templates in Adobe InDesign, you can craft your brochures with class and elegance in just a matter of minutes. Revise some of its suggestive contents and integrate the branding of your business into the documents. It's fast, easy, and reliable! Establish the footing of your real estate business by subscribing to our templates today!

How to Create a Realtor Brochure in Adobe InDesign

As conveyed by Community Tool Box, brochures can provide in-depth information about the specifics of an organization. In your case, as a realtor or real estate agent, a brochure can be advantageous to all your marketing campaigns. With that being said, you should give it a try. Our simple guide below about creating a realtor brochure will help you.

1. Choose Between Bifold or Trifold

There are two common types of brochures, bifold and trifold. Both of them have the same functions, but their lengths vary. Trifold brochures are longer than bifold ones. So before you start creating your brochure, choose whether you want to utilize a bifold or trifold type. By doing so, you can easily draft the contents of your brochure.

2. Engage Your Target Clients

Keep in mind that the intended audience of your advertising brochure is your target clients. With that said, you must try to engage them as you write the contents of your brochure. Make them feel as if you're actually conversing with them.

3. Include Preview Photographs

Of course, your brochure must have a product listing of what your business is offering. However, listing and describing each of them is not enough to promote them. You should include beautiful and elegant photographs of each of them, such as houses, apartments, corporate buildings, and many more.

4. Use Minimalistic Aesthetic Designs

A real estate or realtor brochure must sport a formal and professional design to create a good impression. To achieve that, simply opt for minimalistic elements and designs for your brochure. Also, add white enough white space to make every element stand out.

5. Set Readable Font Styles

The written content of your realtor brochure, including the company overview, product descriptions, and headings, must be easy to read for your audience. To achieve that, you simply need to set readable fonts for all the texts. You may still use artistic fonts, just make sure that they're they are readable.

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