How To Create A Daily Report in Google Docs

According to the Small Business Association, approximately 30% of startup businesses fail during their first two years, 50% fail during their first five years, and 66% fail during their first ten years. It is risky to run a business and upon seeing the statistics, surely aspiring businesspeople will not go through in starting a business. To avoid business failure, you need to have proper management. A way of governing your business is by the submission of daily reports. Daily reports will give updates and status reports about an activity, project, progress, production, work, and sales of the company by the end of the day. Start creating a daily report now by simply following the tips on creating one below.

1. Determine The Purpose

The purpose of the report is the reason as to why you're writing the report in the first place. By establishing the objective, the collection of the data and the report writing process will be easy. The daily report you're going to make will serve its purpose if you have a clear idea as to what its purpose is. The purpose is the starting point that gives you focus and drives everything else on your report.

2. Gather Facts

It is a must when writing business reports that the content is factual or based on facts. A daily report based on facts will show in the way you're writing that the material is unbiased. There will be no sugarcoating of the data; you'll state the facts without any further ado. By being honest on the report, you'll be able to immediately identify what went wrong and how you're going to solve it.

3. Keep It Simple

Reports are typically long and descriptive. Long and descriptive is good, but using this approach will be at your disadvantage since there is a high chance that the reader will skip some sections. Some points on your daily report will be overlooked. Keeping your report format simple and straightforward can be used to your advantage. The supervisor or manager in your company will thoroughly read the formal report from beginning to end. To keep your report simple, you can make a list of the critical points so that you can highlight them in your report.

4. Utilize A Report Template

Make use of our sample report templates now. If you want to keep your report in a simple format, you would want to utilize our templates. You can find a variety of daily report templates for different purposes. They are crafted to highlight the essential points of your daily report. The templates are easy to edit and fully customizable in the online application, Google Docs. Download our high-quality daily report templates for free or for an affordable price.

5. Submit The Report

Make sure that you've proofread your report for at least two times so that the daily report you're going to submit is reliable. Afterward, you can either print your report and submit it personally, or you can email it to your supervisor. If you plan to print your report, make sure that the paper you're going to use is high-quality to get the best end product.

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