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How To Create A Handover Report In Google Docs?

If you are an employee wanted to take a vacation leave of absence or filing a resignation letter, writing a handover report will complete the package. It is an advantage for you and your employer as it will make the handover procedure simpler as it may be. For the employee, as you will establish a good impression on the company and for the employer as they would not need to conduct training for the successor of the employee. Either way, a handover report or handover letter must be thoroughly done. With so, here are some helpful tips in creating a handover report.

1. Dedicate Adequate Timeline

You need to dedicate ample time to achieve your handover reports. For your handover documentation, two weeks prior to your leave if you are going away for a short period and a month or two if you are leaving for good. Consider your handover report as a working document as you need to revise it as often as possible to have the best outcome possible before your successor takes your position.

2. Make Divisions For Your Report

You need to classify your handover checklist information into digestible sections. First, you need to prioritize the task that needed to be done immediately. Afterward, you can follow the remaining tasks. For example, if you are a school nurse wanted to take a leave of absence, you need to prioritize the immediate concern for the student, such as assisting those who are sick or weekly dental checkups.

3. Transport Accurate Details

Include every detail you can get as much as possible. Do your successor a favor and explain each of the tasks in your report. To put it differently, if you are an employee for an equipment firm and you need to contact a client while you are away, then include the client's information such as the client's name, company, contact number, list of equipment, way of transaction, and more. Do not leave a blank space without an explanation of the task you have listed.

4. Highlight Tentative Areas

As you are writing your handover report, there are sections wherein you are not sure if they are needed to be changed or not. Granted, you need to highlight those areas. You can consult it with your team or administration if that aspect must be changed or not. It will be easier for you to review your simple report when it must be submitted to your office or company.

5. Include Supporting Attachments

If you want your reader to focus on your report mainly, then you need to make it appealing through attachments. As the study shows, people are more visual learners. You can attach handover forms, images, clip arts, certificates and more to entice them. As an illustration, it will be beneficial if you take images representing the task that must be done by the newbie.

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