Handover reports are essential documents. In any job post, these documents are used to update an incoming employee on the status of the position he or she will be taking over. Handover reports not only highlight challenges but also allow a smooth transition of processes and transfer of responsibilities thus providing a clear picture of the best course of action to take.

Template.net’s ready-made handover document templates let you easily create an effective report containing checklists, previous and ongoing projects, as well as document formats relevant to the role. Although it’s all pre-filled, you have the option to edit and customize any information that you need to include in your document and set them according to your standards and specifications.

Don’t like a boring white page document? Well, our digital editing tool allows you to set a style that suits you best. You can change your document’s letter, background and text colors, font styles and sizes, as well as add texts and background images. That’s not all, our free templates can be accessed through desktop and mobile devices so you can be anywhere and on-the-go even while writing your handover document.

Of course, it’s not only during resignations that employee handover documents are used. In the hospital setting, especially the nurses, have shift handovers called endorsements. Construction projects also make use of these documents to ensure project transition is observed. Our templates allow you to tailor-fit their contents to serve your purpose.

Work conveniently and efficiently with the help of our free handover report samples. Download your copy in Word format now!

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