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What is a Residential Brochure

A residential brochure is a promotional tool to advertise a residential area. It contains all the available residential area that are for sale or for rent. The contents of it are the commercial space and its features, along with the contact information of the company holding or advertising the place. The residential brochures usually advertise any property such as residential building, residential apartment, condo sale, and even a manufacturing factory. The brochures are usually distributed on random persons that the agent deemed as possible clients. They also hand it over to people they already knew are interested in purchasing or renting one of the houses or apartments. Persons who hand residential brochures are developers, property consultant, real estate, and brokers.

How to Create a Residential Brochure

Handing out brochures and flyers to promote and advertise your residential areas are a very common thing now, that is why your brochures need to stand out among the others to gain more clients. You need to make a creative brochure that is closer to be described as award-winning so that you will be one step ahead to your competitors. No need to worry because we got your back! There are a few steps below that we have prepared to help you successfully make a residential brochure.

1. Do Research

It is always good to be sure, so conduct research to determine the client's taste. Conducting research will be helpful so that you will be ensured that your brochure will definitely suit the liking of your targeted market. You can conduct the research together with commercial property management so that it will be faster and easier.

2. Decide the Brochure Fold

There are a lot of brochure fold types so it is much better to determine first what fold you will be making before you start the brochure design. The brochure folds that you can choose is the bi-fold, tri-fold, gatefold, cross fold, z fold, die-cut fold, and many more. But to ensure that your client will not be bored in scanning through your brochure, you can just choose either a bi-fold or tri-fold brochure.

3. State the Information

What is the use of your sample brochure if it does not contain information? The inside page of your brochure should contain all the important information regarding your residential property. To make the inside page more interesting, you can write the information with a corresponding image because they said that a picture can already tell a lot.

4. Design the Brochure

There are a lot of brochure designs that will be pleasing to the eyes of everyone. Make sure that the design you will be making is fit and is related to real estates. Also, make your fonts readable for everyone. Avoid using colors that are irritating to the eyes. Your brochure will look good if you place a residential layout on your cover page. To save time, you can use the templates available above to serve as examples.

5. Print then Distribute

In printing, use a high-quality paper so that the graphics of your brochure will remain. Let professional printing businesses do the printing to be sure. After the printing, distribute the brochures as many and as far as you can in the community.

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