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What Are Resort Flyers?

As the name suggests, resort flyers are materials specifically created to promote the facilities and services of a resort. It contains high-quality images of the facilities, brief and captivating descriptions, pertinent information, and an encouraging call to action. Commercial flyers come in form of cheaply photocopied leaflets to expensive, glossy, full-color, and high-quality circulars. With the overwhelming number of options for marketing, flyers are still proven to be cost-effective materials that will deliver your message clearly and comprehensively.

How to Create a Resort Flyer

resort flyer template

1. Establish a Clear Goal

First things first, you need to know what your simple flyer will be used for or what your focus will be. Aside from your overall marketing objectives or goals, your flyer should have a specific goal that it should attain. For example, your flyer's goal can be to promote a new facility or holiday packages. Through establishing a goal for your flyer, you can come up with better strategies for your design. Ask questions like "What are we trying to showcase to our audience?" "Where will it be distributed?" "What kind of budget are we working with?"

2. Use High-Quality Images

Since sample flyers are visual materials, the quality and composition of the images you include can make or break your overall design. The images, illustrations, and other design elements that you include in your resort flyer should be of the highest quality. Make sure to use high definition resolutions for your company logo, product images, facility photos, etc. But it is important to use images or illustrations that relate to the primary goal or purpose of your flyer.

3. Clearly Present Your Information

Aside from the promotion of your resort, your facilities, and packages, your resort flyer also presents your pertinent information to your target market. Hence, it is important to highlight your pertinent information along with your promotions. It is important to use a short and direct approach when presenting your details. Most importantly, proofread your contents to ensure you don't give out the wrong information.

4. Opt for a Full Bleed

Flyers with full bleed offer a more polished and professional look for your sample flyers. Full bleed means that your design goes all the way to the edge of the printed paper without any border. But you don't have to force it. You need to make sure that the full-bleed look is compatible with the elements, graphics, or budget of the project you are currently working on. The decision about this aspect needs to be done at the beginning of your brainstorming or designing process.

5. Include an Encouraging Call-to-Action

The goal is to encourage your receivers to check out your resort; hence, you should have an encouraging call-to-action. Create a distinct – and easy – actionable item for your receivers. It can be an easy task like checking your website for promos and packages or call your phone number to encourage a dialogue. Regardless of the flyer is digital or print, a call-to-action should be included.

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