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How To Create A Clean Resume in PSD

According to Glassdoor, each corporate job offer attracts an average of 250 resumes. Among those candidates, 4 to 6 job applicants are called for an interview, and only one is going to get the job. A resume —usually accompanied by a cover letter— is used to apply for job openings and is sent in response to job advertisements and requests. Compose a clean resume that will effectively market your skills and qualifications to your potential employer. Get to create this word document in Adobe Photoshop easily by following the basic steps listed below. Use Adobe Photoshop to create your resume for you to achieve a high-quality resume.

1. Pick A Resume Format

There are three ways to format your resume. The three formats you can use are chronological, functional, and combination. The three kinds are useful for different job seekers with distinct backgrounds and goals. Try researching the differences between the three resume formats. Ponder on which among the three can flaunt your skills, qualifications, and background efficiently. Just keep in mind that by picking a resume format, that format can quickly scan your clean resume and decide whether you can proceed to the interview stage or not.

2. State Personal Information

A good resume needs to contain necessary information about you such as your complete name, present address, telephone and mobile number, and email address. The personal information is usually found on the top for the traditional resume layout. For the modern resume layout, you can find this section on the left side of the resume. This section needs to be placed strategically so that the Human Resources (HR) can easily scan for your information. A tip when you're going to put an email address on your basic resume, don't use an unprofessional email address. For example, is an unprofessional email address.

3. Include Your Background

Another element that needs to be present on your simple resume is your background. Your background includes your education and work experience. List your educational background from elementary to your highest educational attainment. When writing your work experiences, only include your work experience that is relevant to the company or position you're applying for. In listing your background information, strictly follow the rules of the resume format you chose.

4. Place A Picture

Don't forget to place a picture on your resume. To keep your one-page resume sleek and professional, affix a formal picture of you on the document. Don't place selfie photograph of you on your clean resume. Go to a photography studio to get your portrait by a professional.

5. Keep It Clean

Since your goal here is to have a clean resume, make sure that your sample resume is not an eyesore. Use only one typography for your fresh resume so that it is readable. Also, utilize a minimalist layout so that the content of your resume is efficiently displayed for employers to scan easily.

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