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How To Make a Rustic Invitation in Microsoft Word

Invitations are important when it comes to events like birthdays, weddings, and conferences. A good invitation card contains relevant details about the event, such as the date, location, time, and the names of the hosts. Without these details, an invitation card will not serve its purpose. According to Statista, the average cost of invitation and reply cards is $173, overlapping other paper publications. And when it comes to creating invitation cards, it is important to stick with a motif. Here, we'll be focusing on rustic themes to be incorporated into your invitations. To make the task easier for you, a list of tips are provided below to learn how you can make rustic invitations in Word.

1. Plan the Invitation

Planning a simple invitation means preparing all the essential stuff to complete your task. Begin with knowing what the card is for. This means that you have to familiarize yourself with the basic elements of an invitation and the purpose of each component. If you are not familiar with them yet, then it might be best to do your research and look for references. Moreover, you can't go directly to making the actual invitation card without preparing the things you need. So, make sure to gather all the materials to give yourself a head start.

2. Highlight the Invitation's Purpose

Whether or not you're using a half-finished sample invitation card, it's important to think of a theme for both the event and invitation. When adding the content, make sure to keep it concise since card stocks will only allow for very limited text unless you want to clutter the layout with too many elements. Focus only on the key points for the content, those that are necessary to inform the invitee about the event. The secret to making a compelling invitation is prioritizing the important elements.

3. Include a Message

Give your invitation a personal touch by writing a special message exclusively for its recipients. The message doesn't have to be very long, and it is not necessary to write different messages for every receiver unless you want to. This could explain briefly why you chose them to attend the event and how much their presence would mean to you.

4. Download an Invitation Template

Making a rustic-themed event invitation is not as hard as you think. Rustic aesthetic evolves around natural decorations like aged wood, seashells, twigs, and wildflowers. It is not as made up as a modern contemporary style. However, if you want to make it more convenient, you can use refer to invitation templates on the internet. By using a template, you can easily modify the content and lay your draft through editing applications or tools.

5. Enhance your Card's Presentation

Though sending out bare invitation cards is acceptable, putting it inside a customized envelope would make it much better. The envelope does not only make the card look more presentable, but it also serves to protect the contents. Even if you've invested in high-quality card stock, using an envelope will preserve the beauty of your invitation as you hand it to its rightful recipient.

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