The salary certificate is a document issued and validated by an organization's approved official, with a company stamp on the organization's letterhead and a signature to validate the document. The salary certificate is a certification document issued by the employer to announce the document to the employee. The certificate relates to the employee's relationship with the organization which provides details on the income and length of employment of the employee and the salary received over a certain period of time.

A basic salary certificate can be requested for a bank transaction and/or tax payment, and when applying for bank loans or for a credit card. The discrepancies between the format of a salary certificate and a salary letter must be understood by salaried workers. In most situations, when an employee thinks about how to solve the present or upcoming financial crisis, pay certificates or compensation letters come into the picture - personal debt, purchasing a car, buying a house, etc., are some typical occasions. The salary certificate is a document provided on request by an employee by an office head to his employee. The request must have a justification for its own intent or the purpose of relatives/friends that should be stated in the certificate. A certificate would be given to the employee in the subject line of the 'Salary Certificate' if accepted by management.

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