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How to Create a Schedule in Apple Pages

It is always easy to be derailed by many things. Situations, times, technology, and even our short-fused attention. People are easily distracted by everything. An article from The New York Times states that our brains (to those individuals living in the information age) contain more information than the average 18th-century French Nobleman learned in his lifetime. This study shows how we are bombarded today with much data than ever. Therefore, self-discipline is a must, and the best way to do that is to have a daily schedule.

Scheduling or the act of making a schedule and abiding in it has been around for centuries, even before the Holy See of the Roman Catholics crafted the current Gregorian calendar. People back then knew of its pros and cons and how it outweighs the other in such chaotic times. Although the times might have changed, the art is still consistent even today. With a schedule template, you can make sure you have enough time for essential tasks. Have enough time for family and friends, exercise and hobbies, and lastly achieve an excellent work-life balance. Time is the one resource that we can't buy so use it wisely, make a plan.

1. Identify Available Time

Your first step in creating a schedule or a timeline chart and polishing your time-management skill is to identify the time you deemed available for your use. You must have a proper designation of your time. Off-working hours are usually the best time possible for everyone who's working within the usual shift hours.

2. Schedule Essential Actions

When you know when your free time are, you can allocate the necessary actions that will complement your plan. If you want to have a job promotion, then spending those few hours with work could help you in getting the job promotion letter. If you're going to learn a new craft, then you can also do some steps to gain that skill you wanted to obtain. Remember to do the necessary actions and exclude the unnecessary ones.

3. Schedule High-Priority Activities

After putting in the essential activities that you wanted to do within those available time slots, you should make a means of priority to know the outcome even before starting. Be goal-oriented. You should make a checklist of determining whether your activity is helpful or not if necessary.

4. Schedule Contingency Time

When you think that your notes are final, you can add something that can boost your self-planning and management. One of the things that can significantly increase it is a contingency time plan. If a project is a high-priority deal of your company, then you should already think that there are times when you need to take longer times to do something for it. You can also use this in times of emergency.

5. Schedule Discretionary Time

Discretionary time is the free time that is left after you have allocated everything. This type of time is one of the less important, but with the highest potential. That is why, even though these slots seem pointless but you should make a plan template for these times. Make your time worth your while.

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