What Is a Grade Sheet?

You can't argue that any type of sheet is a valued asset and plays a vital role in the movement of a business or a person's progress and growth. In this case, a grade worksheet or chart helps teachers and student teachers achieve maximum class assessment management at a fast pace. Without these necessary documents, teachers, especially student teachers, will have to deal with verbally, mostly, presenting and explaining a student's academic assessment, which might take a lot of their time.

According to teacher.org, a person delving in a teaching life must have a lot of patience, passion, humor, resourcefulness, and organization skills. It is not an easy role to carry, and thus arises the need for the use of documents such as a grade sheet.

How to Create a Grade Sheet in Pages

1. Apple Pages Is a Blank Canvas

Most people are familiar with making a grade sheet using Microsoft Excel rather than Apple Pages. However, Apple Pages can still help you create a student datasheet. Treat Apple Pages as a canvas, a blank space where you can freely express your presentation and organization of the data you have gathered from your students. Do not be afraid or intimidated by the software's white emptiness that stares at you. Explore every corner and make use of all its options and tools. Soon enough, using the software will be as easy as your first paint stroke.

2. Tables Are Your Friend

Creating and filling up tables may seem like a tiresome activity and it may not be love at first sight. You might even say that you don't like the restrictiveness of table-making or even hate the idea of a table entirely. However, your relationship with tables doesn't have to be one out of spite and disgust. You need to establish a bond and make the table your friend. You must view the table as a friend or an ally that helps you deal with the gathered data or information together. Explore its options on computing for the average grade and looking for formulas on determining the equivalence of a student's score to a letter grade. Once you have established a good bond with the table, you won't have trouble with the data presentation anymore.

3. Font Styles Have Personalities

Fonts are like people because they have personalities. Every font has a personality based on its style. Get to know how a certain font is used in various documents and utilize the form to its full potential. For a student grade sheet or a report card, you can use a font that is appealing yet still is comprehensible to students. Do away with technical or rough fonts. These types of fonts aren't friendly to young students. A school student grade sheet shouldn't be too mechanical, so use soft but non-cursive fonts. Remember, you are dealing with youngsters and not adult employees.

4. Easy Breezy Job

The next thing you need to do before you finalize things is making a comprehensive list of the student's names and lay the data down on the sheet. Since you have managed to do the previous steps, this part will be as easy as slicing a cake to you.

5. Take Another Glance or Even Second One

The process of this guide is always the most suggested or recommended, which is to review the whole progress-assessing document. Review it once for mistakes you have glossed over. Review it twice for confirmation. Review it thrice just in case.

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