How to Create a Log Sheet in Google Sheets?

According to, a piece of information read or heard has only a 10 percent possibility of being remembered by an adult. If we add an image to the concept, this goes up to 65 percent, but never 100 percent. Although it is not that impossible, it is rare for an individual to have a perfect memory except if this person has Hyperthymesia Syndrome. That is why log sheets are indispensable for a whole lot of people, and it is all a matter of learning time before we can make ours.

Log sheets are an essential part of industries such as logistics, information technology, security, and a whole lot more. It is by this that people know what is happening with their jobs or business. With this idea of written record, the problem-solving activity of our companies becomes efficient as people are no longer in the dark about what went wrong on a situation. We can see the pros of these from black boxes or flight recorders that are fixed on airplanes whenever there is a plane crash. People can deduce the flight pattern and why the accident happened. Using the same concept, we can conclude how a recording is indeed an essential aspect of our evolution as a civilization and our business's economic expansion as men. With that in mind, let us now talk about how this donation of knowledge can be of use for you so that you can create your log sheet.

1. Acquire A Template

Your first step in creating your log report is to find the perfect sheet template for you. has a vast collection of samples from which you can choose. We have marketing plans, letter samples, and even graphic templates. With our available resources, you can be sure that your creation of a log sheet will be more simple. So, go on and download any of our high-quality templates today.

2. Add The Necessary Tables

With your template at hand, you can start adding or deleting tables for your log sheet, no matter what you wanted to make. Either it is a case log, action log, or a food nutrition log sheet. Make your adjustments accordingly. Some essential aspects that are a must for these types of documents are Time, action, and initiator or the action doer. These are the most common ones that should be in the report.

3. Apply Colors and Designs

Your next step is to add colors and designs on your template. A sheet of paper of pure black and white is all right, but adding colors brings more flavor to your design. Your sheet template with proper colors looks more appealing and engaging compared to colorless ones. So make sure to add life on your sample but not too much as it might confuse its user.

4. Adjust Table Layout

With everything set, you can start adjusting the table layout. Observe proper spacing on your template. You are not making a business card, so be sure to make the fonts large and not much more substantial as you might be close to making a billboard ad. So shift things accordingly.

5. Apply Data or Information

Your last step is to apply or add data and information to your log sheet. If you wanted to add data through the use of a pen, you could also do it after printing. Printing is not a must as you can also make the table but then using the internet you can allow people to edit in Google Sheets. It all depends on you in what way you wanted to use the template.

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