Creating a calendar that is dedicated to organizing, planning, and creating your social media plans, strategies, and content is key to your success in marketing your business these days. While these tasks aren’t easy, there are a variety of tools out there that can help you out. Much like the Social Media Calendar Templates in Word that we have. These are formatted by professionals, ensuring that you get the best quality calendar as possible for your needs. It is also highly editable on MS Word (.docx) to make it fit your needs and printable on US letter sizes. Get your hands on any of our products, and we will assure you of more organized plans for your business in the coming future.

How to Make a Social Media Calendar in MS Word

Almost everyone is on a social media website whether it is for personal or professional reasons. And because almost all adults are on the Internet, how small business enterprises plan their marketing strategies are now geared toward the use of the World Wide Web—especially with social media. If you think that social media efforts have little to do with a brand’s success, then listen up. According to a blog from Hootsuite, about 60% of users from Instagram have said that they have come across new products and brands through the social media app. Because social media is cost-efficient, allows customer engagement, and reaches a wide audience, more and more businesses have reached success through marketing using the available social media platforms present. However, any success in the social media marketing department is dependent on how much effort you put into your social media plans.

Planning out the content needed for your different social media handles is a must for any marketing team. That is why routines should be developed whether on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Social media calendars are important in order to see a bird's-eye view of the schedule and contents that need to be posted. So if you want a way to better organize your social media plans, then read more on how you can have an effective social media calendar.

1. Dedicate a Schedule for Planning

Having a routine day of the week where you and the team can plan out the various activities you wish to accomplish through social media is important. This is due to the fact that social media managers have to be consistent with content or posts being published because you have to maintain your relevance and availability toward your audience. Maintaining a schedule of posts and content can be a great way to manage your online relevance.

2. Sync It with Your Marketing Planner

Every business should have a team or direct head that is responsible for marketing the company, as well as the products and/or services being offered. So if the main marketing team is planning events or new ideas that will earn more clients, the people in charge of social media should also be aware of these events so they can inform the public as well, should the need for more people to join in bring more success for the business. Allowing a marketing planner and social media calendar to sync helps with organization and accessibility to information needed for the partnering teams or heads.

3. Color Coordinate Different Categories

Color coordinating your social media planner according to the various departments that need focus can help the team with tasking and time management. Whoever is looking at a calendar that is color-coordinated according to the company’s needs also does not have to intently read the things that are needed to be accomplished, making it less straining on the eyes. Whether you want the colors according to which social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) or according to tasks (planning, content creation, editing, publishing, etc.), this decision is all up to you.

4. Keep Track of Goals and Accomplishments

Having targets for the month can help you boost your online presence. These goals can be how many followers you’ve achieved, how many posts have been published, your first award, etc. To keep track and ensure that you always have something to keep you going, having a goal sheet with you can definitely help you out. This effort may, in turn, allow you to be successful as an online presence and assists you in gearing out your overall plans.

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