How to Make Sports Brochures in Apple Pages

Being a fan of your favorite sport can be a lot of fun, but playing it has its own set of benefits, whether casually or professionally. There’s no doubt that participating in sports is good for your health; however, one of the other benefits of a physical activity is the joy that it brings to its players. If you want to spread this joy, then our Ready-Made Sports Brochure Templates are just what you’re looking for! From basketball to soccer, we’ve got a brochure template that you can use!

Do you need an editing program for your Mac desktop that’s good for editing our templates but is also budget-focused? Then Apple Pages is the app for you! We also have a guide (just below) that you can check out for a bit of help on what to do.

1. Install Apple Pages

Apple Pages is the answer you’re looking for if you need a Mac-compatible editing tool for our brochure templates; not only is it suitable for your editing needs, but it’s available for users to install for free. To get your hands on this helpful app, find and download it from the online App Store.

If you have a mobile iOS device, then you can also install Pages to your iPad or iPhone; this is useful if you need to work on your templates while you’re out and about. Apple Pencil can even be taken advantage of in the app.

2. Grab Your Brochure Template of Choice

Be it for baseball or football, we’ve got a diverse array of brochure designs that you can definitely advertise with! To save one of our Ready-Made Sports Brochure Templates (found above), open the desired template’s page by clicking on its designated thumbnail. On the new page, use the download button (in the middle) to save the template file to your Mac computer or iOS device. In your Mac/iOS storage, be sure to save to a location that you can easily find later on; it also helps to rename the file to remember it better.

Read through the “Template Details” section to find out more about your template file (size, format, etc). Click on one of the preview shots (to the left) for a zoomed-in view of them.

3. Open Your Template File in Apple Pages

Were you able to save your desired template? It’s time to boot up Pages and put together your sports brochure.

As you draft the written content of your promotional material, utilize some catchy dialog to grab the attention of readers and keep their interest while they read. It also helps readers remember your advertisement afterward.

Staying fit is an important part of playing sports. So, consider composing a workout schedule after you’re done with your brochure.

4. Save Your Edit and Print Your Brochures

Once you’re through with customizing your template design, you can now print it out on paper and distribute the copies to the public. Whether it’s for baseball or badminton, you’re sure to get exposure by using Apple Pages and our sports templates!

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