Startup Budget Google Sheet Templates

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Medium’s list of priorities a startup’s chief executive officer must look out for includes having enough funds as the top concern. Statistics state that a staggering 90% of startup companies fail. Among the reason for this is that they easily run out of money to fund their operations. It is why small businesses drive to keep their brand afloat by meeting with startup investors and establishing a solid financial plan supporting their stability. The right startup budget includes not only having a thick account but also strategic financial planning and management to help them overcome their challenges. It also involves using reliable tools to execute their strategies.

Our startup budget templates in Google Sheets are here to help you! Our wide variety of budgeting documents includes estimates, project spreadsheets, marketing budgets, and budget plans, among others. These templates are ready-made with a comprehensive layout to cater to your every need. They’re convenient to customize and easy to download on any device.

By using our templates, there’s no need to create your startup budget documents from scratch. It saves you a significant amount of time and effort that you can dedicate to managing your finances better instead. If you want to incorporate a quick fix before downloading the document or sending it directly via email, feel free to use our editing tool. It eases your customization process as it will serve as your guide on what details to change.