Business people, teachers, and even journalists use the storytelling method in inspiring other people and selling the next great idea. Since it's an invaluable ability to tell a great story, we decided to design these high-quality Story Mind Map Templates to help you tell a story much better. As you can see, our printable templates below already contain a ready-made mind mapping diagram to help you save more time and effort. All you need to do is to state the overall picture of the short story you've chosen, edit it using Apple Pages, and you're good to go. So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on this creative way of presenting your narrative by subscribing to our templates today!

How to Create a Story Mind Map in Apple Pages

We all know that a mind map is a type of graphic representation of ideas and concepts. It is an important visual thinking tool that helps you to organize information, helps you interpret, understand, remember, and generate new ideas better. If you're searching for ways that can assist you in creating a story mind map, look no further because we've created four simple guidelines below that you can follow. So, let's not make this introduction any longer and lets get you working. Here's how:

1. Choose a Story

You cannot produce a story mind map if you don't have any story. That's why before you plan to make one, make sure you have already planned a story, an essay, or a narrative. Once you have already decided, you can start by highlighting the most promising concepts or narrative ideas. But if you don't want to focus on the concept, you may pick the theme or the character from the narrative and talk of what they'll do or say in a given scenario.

2. Add Colors

Adding colors to your mind map will help you realize how your description fits in with the bigger picture. In choosing the color for your mind map, make sure they vary for each element. For instance, you can choose a navy blue for the setting, green for the plot, fiery red for the conflict, yellow for the characters, and brown for the theme. If you want to make your work convenient, we suggest you use Apple Pages.

3. Connect or Relate

You can relate the plot as well as the setting and the characters of your mind map with the help of arrows. This helps to add context and think about meaningful connections that you may want to highlight when you begin writing. Make sure that your arrows are correctly written so that readers can easily connect and understand the concept.

4. Practice your Presentation

Practicing will help you become much more confident if you tell your story before a live audience. It's necessary that you catch the crowd's attention while presenting your mind map. If you want them to be paying attention to you, you have to present it through a creative PowerPoint presentation.

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