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What is a Studio Brochure?

A studio brochure is a piece of document that is usually seen on shelves or racks featuring the information of the studio's name, their upcoming events or promos, their products, and available services. Nowadays, others may think that a Simple brochure is no longer relevant because everything is now digitalized but that is untrue as it would serve as the easiest way in advertising the studio as it is accessible to everyone.

How to Create a Studio Brochure?

Your studio brochure would be your brand carrier as it would showcase what kind of service do you offer. If you own a yoga studio, ballet or dancing studio, competitors are rampant and so with the use of your own studio brochure, it would tell customers that you are far apart from others and that you would serve high-quality service than them. So if you want to take the responsibility for the graphic or web design of your studio, here are tricks that would help you create the best studio brochure.

1. Focus on your Objective

Let us start from the basics and know your objective like the back of your hand. You need to understand what is it for — your studio. Get as much information about your objective so you can properly choose your studio brochure design. Take into consideration that everything you put is a way of convincing for your audience so make your design communicating.

2. Know your Clienteles

Since you need to gain more clients, you need to prioritize them. For instance, if your studio offers wedding video editing services, then choose a design that has something to do with wedding gowns and cameras. The more that you focus unto the needs of your client, the more your brochure would be effective. If you are not knowledgeable enough about it, take time to research through navigating with other people or even with your customers. Use their responses to choose what would be the best design for your studio brochure.

3. Make it Remarkable

In this generation, uniqueness is paramount. Establish your own name and be recognized through your unique design. Think of a design that would stand out even though it will be shuffled into other brochures. Strengthening the studio's identity through creativity is encouraged.

4. Be Specific

Remind yourself that you are making a studio brochure so unnecessary details must be left out. Too much information would confuse the readers and would mislead the main point of your studio brochure. Instead, focus as to what will catch the attention of the target market by pinpointing an interest so your readers could easily grasp the message.

5. Emphasize the Headline

As it would be the first thing that your customers will read, your headline must directly tell what your brochure is all about. Do not make the same mistake again and do not bombard your headline with the studio's information. Even though basic information about your studio is necessary, it would be inappropriate to highlight them in the headline.

6. Include your Contact Details

This would be the perfect section to highlight your studio's name, contact information, email address or your studio's website together with the call to action statement. For you to keep up with the trend, you can add your studio's social media accounts too. Also, it would be a smart move to include a QR code for the convenience of your readers.

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