Is it already summer? Are you guys bored on endless summer heat, not doing anything fun? Why not go to the beach to cool off the heat? Have some splash and spend some crazy day moments with your friends and family on a tropical day of summer. There are many ways to invite your friends and flyers are one of them. Create your flyer with the use of our templates. We guarantee you 100% customizable and beautifully designed templates that are available in different file formats — Microsoft Word (.docx), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Microsoft Publisher (.pub), Apple Pages (.pages), and Adobe Illustrator (.ai) and available in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed. Wear your summer outfit and get ready to party!

How to Make a Summer Party Flyer in Illustrator

The summer party comes in different styles — Summer BBQ party, Beach party, Summer pool party, Cocktail Party, and many more. During parties, there is always food, music, and especially fun. According to Epicurious, Only 60% of people invited to the party will show up on average and 75% for those close friends. So, invite as much as people to enjoy your summer party more.

A summer party flyer is a handout filled with information about the summer party event that will be given and distributed to people for promotion and advertisement. Here we have provided you a step-by-step guide for you to be guided on how to make a summer party flyer.

1. Plan Out the Party and Outline the Details

Before you start your party flyer, it's better to plan out the details about the event, such as the time, venue, and the theme. As you finish, list it all down and make an outline for it for your flyer. Prepare for the overall budget also as you plan the whole party. That includes food, beverages, and party poppers.

2. Choose a Template That Fits Your Needs

Choose a template that fits your needs. There are various flyer template designs on the internet, especially on our site. You can download our beautiful and creative flyer templates to start making yours. It's quick and easy! They are 100% customizable. Also, make sure to check if the template is compatible with Adobe Illustrator.

3. Edit the Layout and Add Some Designs

As soon as you are done choosing an editable template, go to your files and open it with Adobe Illustrator. Click the type tool to start typing texts about the details of the party. Adjust and modify the colors and capacity of each element to match your tone. Add images to make it more creative. Remember to stay simple but unique as it helps you convince your audience to join.

4. Recheck, Repolish, and Proofread

Review your simple flyer and check if there are errors and mistakes. If there is any, edit it as much as possible to avoid having problems when printed it all out. Make someone proofreads it as you will receive comments and feedback. It will help you to make your flyer better.

5. Save, Print, Distribute, and Let the Party Get Started!

After editing your printable flyer, save the file and print it afterward. Make dozens of copies of it as it reaches the target amoung of copies. As soon as you printed it all out, send these flyers to your friends for an invitation to your summer party and distribute it to whoever wants to join in. After you distribute all of the flyers, call it a day. Wait for the response of those wishes to join. Make sure to prepare the venue as early as you can.

Spend your summertime with music and fun and set up a bonfire to light up the night.

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