Using table tent menus is a smart way to put your promotions and specials in front of your customers to prepare their mindset to order. Our ready-made Table Tent Menu Templates are not limited to restaurant, bar, hotel, or commercial use, it can be easily customized for weddings, banquets, and any special occasions. You can easily incorporate any theme, concepts or branding image to suit your preferences through the built-in editable feature. Don't pass up this golden opportunity! Download our printable menu templates in Microsoft Word (.docx), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Publisher (.pub), Apple Pages (.pages), Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file formats now!

What Is a Table Tent Menu?

As the name implies, table tent menus are menus that take on the shape of a tent and are designed to be placed on tables, counters, or any other horizontal surfaces. It is a self-standing material made of card stock that uses high-quality images and captivating font styles. Although it is a menu, a table tent menu is commonly used to promote your business' special packages and deals through its double-sided feature. Aside from commercial purposes, a table tent can also be used for wedding menus, birthdays menus, and other events as indicators or table identifications.

How to Create a Table Tent Menu

table tent menu template

You can create a table tent menu in any word processing or photo editing software that you prefer. Just so you have a general idea with the process. We have provided easy steps that you can follow to create an effective table tent menu:

1. Choose the Right Size

Food menus can be of any size. Before you start incorporating designs or your branding image, it is best to pick the size that you think will allow you to include more essential design and text elements. Usually, table tent menus are in 4" x 6" panels, 5" x 6.5" panels, or 8" x 4" panels. Having a specific size in mind will also allow you to utilize the space better by coming up with an appropriate layout.

2. Create a Structure for Your Layout

Since you already have chosen your preferred size, you need to decide on your layout. When creating the layout, it is best to create a comprehensive structure and outline so that the flow of both your design and text elements is coherent and flawless. You can use lines to break apart elements, make use of the white space, use fillers, and so on.

3. Pay Attention to the Design

If you're using a table tent menu for promotions and commercial purposes, you should use your brand's overall branding image. This means that you need to use or at least incorporate your brand color/s, font styles, images, logo, and relevant images. But, you still need to use design elements that are relevant to your primary purpose. If the table tent menu will be used for events, be mindful of the designs you use; stick to the overall theme.

4. Present the Message Right

Table tent menus offer a limited amount of space and with the challenge of a shorter time span which you must get your customers' attention, it is essential to present your message right away. You should prioritize the crafting of a powerful headline and try to limit the body to a line or two at best. Describe your product or package in the most direct and clear manner in order to capture your customers' attention right away, and encourage them to engage.

5. Invest in Printing

The result of your design is totally affected by the quality of your printing. Table tent menus used for promotional purposes should be of the highest quality to present the true-to-life colors of your products. Since they will be used for marketing plans, they should be presented in the best light possible. Thus, it is important for you to find an organized printer or printing company that can accommodate your preferences.

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