Labels are important in identification. It may be as simple as writing on the wrapper on gifts. A more creative way of placing labels is to use tag templates. And, we offer a vast selection of eye-catching tag selections for various events such as birthdays, bridal showers, and baptism. These can also be for labeling Christmas and holiday gifts. Surely, there is one that will fit your preferences. Our designs contain high-quality layout, images, and text fonts. The best part is that the models are fully customizable in all versions of Adobe Photoshop. So, what are you waiting for? Download any of our ready-made and printable designs for immediate use! 

How to Create Tags in Editable PDF?

Tags are common in retail where they bear information about the product. People also use name tags, especially in school or in massive events. It also adds to the aesthetic factor of gifts. A simple tag can make it look more put together, especially when it is tied together by a thin ribbon or twine. A small label also has high utility. It can indicate ownership, mainly when used on bags or lunch boxes. Tags are also in pieces of clothing that may contain wash and care instructions.

1. Decide its Use

Determining the use of the tag sets helps you decide on its design and message. It is crucial to set things straight to streamline the planning process. As said, labels are present on various occasions. It is essential in showing ownership, such as luggage tags. It can also serve to show appreciation as thank you tags in event favors. A tag is a simple and versatile tool for any occasion.

2. Use Appropriate Color Pallete

Colors can set the mood for any design. It is a vital factor in making any graphic design or marketing tool, and a tag can be both. For a unicorn-themed children's party, an appropriate color scheme for the gift label will be light pinks, baby blues, and pastel yellows. This feature makes the gift match with the general theme of the event and adds a pop of color to the gift. In shopping and sales, tags contain the price of the commodity. So, it commonly has solid colors, such as reds, blacks, and bright yellows, to make them hard to miss.

3. Fonts Matter

The font styles and sizes are also an integral factor in making a highly appealing tag. Since tags have limited space, it is crucial to use striking statements, especially in gift tags and event favor tags. You can utilize one-liners in bold and bright fonts. On the other hand, you can choose to include a short thank you message, but the font is smaller. For smaller font sizes, make sure to use any sans serif fonts. The distinct features of sans serif fonts make it more readable.

4. Choose Paper Material

The choice for the material to print the tag on, and all other print materials, is highly crucial. Labels are only attached to a particular object; with this, it is highly vulnerable to any damage. Deciding to print it on a more sturdy material such as thin cardboards makes the tag last longer. You may also choose to print it on more fragile materials because of its one-time use. Name tags usually use sticker papers because of mass production for particular events.

5. Choose a Tie

A distinguishing factor for tags is its tie. The tie holds together the object and the label as it adds a distinct feature to the object. Additionally, it adds the look of the thing altogether. Price tags use thin but sturdy cables. Event favor tags are more creative. It usually uses ribbons or tiny pieces of cloth. Tags used in wine labels often use wooden twines. Wooden twines are sturdy and add to the rustic look of aged wines.

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