How to Make a Tax Invoice in Microsoft Word

Whether it’s a retail store or a contractor company, businesses need to pay their own share of tax. And, when requesting tax from these businesses, invoices are necessary documents for this.

As explained by Investopedia (a business and finance resource), not only does an invoice contain payment details, it also acts as a useful document for bookkeeping purposes. And so, invoices are good even for taxation usage.

Are you looking for some advice on how to make a tax invoice using Microsoft Word? If so, consider reading our tips just below.

1. Give Your Tax Invoice an Appropriate Format

Since this is an official tax document, it needs to actually look the part.

To start, open a new blank document in MS Word and then access the Page Layout menu. Within that menu, set the document’s page size to an option that matches your local region’s standard. After that, set the orientation to the portrait format.

2. Enter Some General Information in Your Tax Invoice

The first part of your tax invoice document is the title. Give it a large and bold font, opting to word it in a descriptive manner—like “Property Rental Tax Invoice” or “Business Tax Invoice.” Then, follow it up with the invoice’s ID number and the date.

Afterward, write down the name, address, and contact details of your department or organization. Enter the same information about the invoice’s recipient.

3. Insert a Grid Table into Your Tax Invoice

When it comes to detailing the payment amount itself, using a table format is the best way of going about it.

Add a table to your tax invoice by going to Insert > Table and then select the cell format in the small setup window. Prepare the column amount for the entry description, total amount, etc. For the row amount, provide as many as you need for each entry.

Below the table, set up a smaller one for listing and calculating the subtotal, additional payments, payment deductions, and due grand total.

4. Finishing and Improving Your Tax Invoice

To enhance the readability of your tax invoice’s table, consider color-coding the various sections to make them stand out from each other. Also, don’t forget about adding your department or organization’s logo in one of the document’s upper corners. Finally, in the invoice’s bottom section, include any necessary remarks regarding the invoice or payment.

And so, with our tips, putting together a tax invoice will be quite simplified for you from now on! However, if you need resources for a printable or digital tax bill, then remember to download one of our Tax Invoice Templates!

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