The use of tickets is more than just for generating income or making a profit, it's also for controlling and keeping track of the number of guests. Here at, we've got ready-made templates in Pages that you can download anytime and anywhere, use them to make high-quality and beautifully-designed admission tickets. Whether you're planning to make movie, party, or circus tickets, these easily editable templates are a must-have. These tickets templates are also fully compatible in all versions of Apple Pages, you no longer have to do an upgrade for it to reach its full potential. Grab a template now to get started.

How to Make Admission Tickets in Apple Pages

If you need to make premium tickets for events such as concerts, parties, and fundraisers, we've got useful instructions below on how to do it in Apple Pages.

1. Gather Information about the Event or Place

Before you can start making something to be used for admitting people, you need to define where the ticket is going to be used in the first place. Are your admission tickets for admitting people to an event? Or is it for admitting people to certain places such as an amusement park, museum, or a zoo? Whichever of the two it may be, just make sure to have all the details needed to build the content of your admission tickets.

2. Set a Budget

In most cases, businesses and organizations sell tickets to help them generate income for other projects in the future. But for them to ensure that they make a profit, they should come up with a budget that's reasonable enough to allow them to produce high-quality tickets. After gathering the necessary information, carefully calculate set a budget specifically for the production and marketing of your admission tickets.

3. Prepare the Materials and Tools

In connection with the determined budget, you can start preparing all the materials and tools you need for creating your admission tickets. These may include the card stock, ink toner, and colored glitters, to name a few. It's better to have more things prepared than what's needed than to hold back and not have the resources that you need. To help you determine what materials and tools you might need, go online to check for samples of actual general admission tickets.

4. Design your Admission Tickets in Pages

By using Apple Pages, you can start making the initial design of your admission tickets. Depending on the theme of your tickets and what they're for, you can add as many graphics to the design as needed. And although Apple Pages is a word processing and typesetting application, it is also capable of rendering high-quality images and clip art. When designing your admission tickets, don't forget to leave enough space for the written content.

5. Add the Contents of the Ticket

As mentioned earlier, there should be space left on the layout for the written content which will provide people with information on what the ticket is about, where to use it, and when you're allowed to use it. By still using Pages, you can start writing the content of your tickets such as the date and time of its validity, the street address of the venue, and other information that you think might be useful for the ticket holder.

6. Print Copies of the Admission Ticket

After finalizing the design and the content of your printable tickets, you can proceed to produce copies of them so you can start marketing them to the public. If you prefer to have them printed professionally, make sure to save them first in a file format that's not only printable but also compatible across different platforms. In addition to printing your tickets, take note of the quantity to help you in comparing it with the number of tickets sold.

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