How to Design a Modern Ticket in Photoshop?

Have you ever tried singing your heart out in a live concert? Or witnessing a jaw-dropping theatrical performance? What about boarding an airplane heading to your favorite destination? If you answered yes to one of the questions, then it is most likely that you have purchased a ticket that would grant you the right to take part in those things. Tickets are small pieces of cards which entitle the bearer to a particular service or right. Moreover, some event organizers make use of tickets as an alternative to invitation cards. Giving out handy tickets instead of invitation cards is one creative way to request the presence of guests in such a significant event. Regardless of the type of ticket you are going to make, don’t worry about having a hard time designing it because we are here to help you. Provided below are five easy ways to create a ticket in Adobe Photoshop.

1. Specify the Purpose

Before doing anything else, you first have to specify the purpose of your ticket. There are various instances wherein an admission ticket is of great value; for example, reservation of seats in a cinema, music concert, or a vehicle (e.g., trains and buses). On the other hand, non-profit organizations make use of raffle tickets as a fundraiser. As mentioned earlier, you can also distribute tickets to invite guests to a wedding, birthday party, business event, etc.

2. Make Use of Adobe Photoshop

For a well-designed ticket, we suggest that you make use of Adobe Photoshop. This editing software features multiple tools which will help you create a ticket regardless of the design style you want to achieve—be it modern, vintage, elegant, creative, or minimal ticket. To start, create a blank file by clicking File > New > Blank File. Then, set the size of your document to 1.97" x 5.63" or whichever size will best suit your need.

3. Highlight the Event

If you are creating an event ticket, make sure to highlight the name of the event. This information should be prominent in your design so that the bearer would immediately know what the ticket is for. For a concert ticket, emphasize the name of the artist or the band who is going to perform live during the said concert. Talking about live music events, every year, 52% of the US population have attended various kinds of live music events. These events include concerts, outdoor community events, and music festivals.

4. Insert Details

A ticket should include essential details for it to serve its purpose. For a boarding pass or plane ticket, it should reflect important information such as the name of the passenger, airline name, flight number, seat assignment, departure and arrival cities, and departure and boarding time. If you are creating a wedding invitation ticket, you should include the name of the couple, date and time of the event, and the venue. Moreover, a concert ticket should have a barcode for tracking purposes.

5. Finalize Your Design

After adding all the necessary information, you now have to finalize your ticket design. You may add a vector art or other graphic elements for the final touches. Also, see to it that your ticket design is well-proportioned. For a concert ticket, attaching a photo of the artist, band, or music group will also help you entice potential customers to purchase the ticket. If you want to split the ticket into two upon entrance, you may include an easy-to-tear-off ticket stub.

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