Did you know that Valentine's Day was being named after Saint Valentine? He's a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the 3rd Century and died on February 14 for his disobedience. The Roman Emperor Claudius II has forbidden young men to marry because he believed that single men are better soldiers. But in the spirit of love, St. Valentine performed secret marriages and opposed the ban, History.com reports. And today, people from all over the world celebrated the season of love in so many unique ways. Sending greeting cards to your loved ones may be old-fashioned, but it never goes out of style. Luckily, we offer high-quality templates of Valentine's Greeting Card in PSD. Our templates are easy to edit and available in 5x7 inches, 6.25x4 Inches. It's also print-ready and 100% customizable. When you avail of our templates today, we can assure you of a stress-free process.

How to Make Valentine's Greeting Card Templates in PSD

Valentine's Day is a season of love, and it strikes every 14th of February, to which all people across the world would send a message of love and affection to their partners, friends, and family. In fact, there's a lot of ways to let your special someone know how much they mean to you. But even in this modern age, sticking to an old-fashioned way of sending love greetings never goes out of style. Even simple happy Valentine's greeting cards could mean a lot because you put effort into it.

They say that you can always show your love every day, but make it extra special on Valentine's Day. Crafting the most beautiful valentine card is cute, romantic, and sentimental. But if you're having a hard time constructing your designs, we got your back. We can always help you in creating Valentine's Greeting Card Templates in PSD by following the steps below.

1. Select a Card Template

To get started, you can choose and select a card template you desired since we have a wide array of options. Pick the one you're most comfortable with when adding a personal touch. You can also use of our sample greeting cards to give you ideas about how your personalized card will look like afterward. With that, you can start doing your craft smoothly for the love of your life.

2. Convey Your Message

When you convey a message in your simple greeting card, you must think of the recipient firsthand. Determine if it's for your sweetheart, family, or friends so you can construct a heartfelt message for them. Keep it short, simple, full of wishes and love, and original to make them feel loved at all. Sending greetings is so accessible nowadays, but the magic of greeting cards is way special, for it can last long for so many years.

3. Personalize Using Graphic Photos

When personalizing and customizing your card, include a graphic image or animated photo that symbolizes the season. That way, it will add more attraction to the layout design. Moreover, it's also your way of communicating and expressing your thoughts towards your receiver. That's why you must think of a compelling image that best reflects your feelings and emotions.

4. Edit the Font Style, Text Size, and Color

To attain an enticing output, make an edit to the font and prefer the style you want for it. Pay attention as well on the letter size and color to complement the whole design. Every character will serve its purpose to achieve the best possible greeting cards. And remember to double-check everything to ensure a superb outcome in the end.

5. Send To Your Loved Ones

If you're done with the step-by-step process above, it's now time to send your printable greeting cards to your desired recipient. Aside from the card, you can also accompany it with flowers, chocolates, and other gifts you wish to give. Every day is Valentine's Day if you're with the right people. Sending them your greeting card will support your actions and feelings indeed.

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