Volunteering for any organization is a humane act, and a lot of people find this activity fulfilling. And the organizations that these people have helped are grateful for these people. As a token of appreciation or recognition, you can offer them certificates. Although these are merely pieces of paper, they can mean a lot to their recipients. That's why we have Ready-Made Volunteer Certificate Templates in Microsoft Publisher that you can use. These templates are printable and are easily editable. These are available in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed. What are you waiting for? Download one of these templates and save time in making certificates for your humble and worthy volunteers!

How to Make a Volunteer Certificate in Microsoft Publisher

A lot of people feel content and happier when they volunteer for others. That's why a lot of people volunteer at different organizations. Nonprofits Source says that around 63 million Americans are volunteering. So, as part of your appreciation to these noble people, you can offer them certificates as a return. To help you, you can follow the steps below on how to make a certificate:

1. Focus on Making It Professional-Looking

You need to choose formal and readable typographies. Also, you have to avoid putting too many colors to make it look pleasant. The look of your certificate will reflect your organization or NGO. You can also add a watermark and your organization logo.

2. Write the Name of the Recipient

The recipient should be the highlight of your editable certificate. You should place it at the center. You can make it appear larger than the other content if you want to.

3. Highlight the Title of the Certificate

You have to present the name of your certificate. This can be a volunteer completion certificate, a volunteer award certificate, or a volunteer appreciation certificate.

4. Provide the Certificate Wording

Your printable certificate wording has to present why you gave the certificate to the person. Don't forget the date when you will give it. You can make it short long. This will depend on the information you need to put.

5. Write the Signature

To make the basic certificate legit, it has to have a signature(s). You have to write the name of the people responsible for giving the certificate.

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