How to Make Food Vouchers in Word

If you need to efficiently craft a promotional coupon, you can do so by utilizing Microsoft Word and our useful Ready-made Food Voucher Templates, whether your business involves the use of farm food made with organic ingredients or high-grade dog food for our fuzzy companions!

1. Peruse for a Suitable Template

Start scrolling through our multitude of customizable voucher designs to find the right one that’s suitable for the exact type of deal or offer that you want to advertise. No matter which you pick, you’re guaranteed to have a good-looking template to work with, since our varied lineup comes with elegant photography, classy font styles, eye-catching coloring, and effective text layouts. Our catalog is neatly arranged and divided for your ease in browsing, containing thumbnails that showcase a small preview picture of a template and its name.

2. Make Your Choice and Then Download

To have a better look at a template that you might be interested in, click-on its respective thumbnail and another tab containing the template’s own page should open in your web browser. In the new browser tab, you can find a set of preview images to the left side of the page, which you can click on to zoom in and have a much closer look at each picture. To the right, you can see a section called ‘Template Details’ to read about the file’s information; you can see the entirety of the list by clicking on the ‘More Details’ line that’s highlighted with blue.

Have you chosen a voucher design yet?

After deciding on a design template, you can click on the button marked as ‘DOWNLOAD NOW’ to save your desired file. After clicking, there are some quick steps that will show up for you to easily follow to download the template file.

3. Create a Voucher Anytime and Anywhere

If you need to work while on the move, Microsft’s got your back by having Word be available to download and use on both Android and iOS platforms! Be it eating out for lunch or waiting under an awning until the rain stops, you can edit your templates with your favorite mobile device, whenever and wherever.

4. Get to Work on Microsoft Word

With your template downloaded and Word ready to go, you can now start putting together your voucher. Each and every one of our food voucher designs comes packaged with premade content to help you save time and effort, so you can get your discount coupon ready for distribution ASAP.

Edit the placeholder text and fill in the blank fields with the necessary information about your deal. When drafting the dialog, it helps to come up with witty and endearing lines for your patrons to read. Be sure to use font styles and colors that compliment the overall look of the design.

With Word, you can even add in your own pictures to your template. So, insert any imagery that may help in advertising your promo.

5. Save Your Work

Once you’re finished with editing, save your changes and you can start printing out your voucher. By making use of Microsoft Word and our plethora of templates, you can start handing out your deals and promos in no time!

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