How to Create a Shopping Voucher in Photoshop?

1.Think About Your Offers

Before you begin to make shopping vouchers, assess all your products, what you can offer as free items, maybe even take inventory. A shopping voucher is good for the customer in general if the offers are good, but you also have to think of yourself as a business first so try to understand how you can find a balance since you don't to be out of business because of how poorly you planned our your shopping vouchers. Test it out with small items like gifts or free clothes, or with smaller values like $10-$50 shopping vouchers first; don't rush into the big $500 or even $1000 vouchers if you're not sure you can gain more than what you give.

2. Understand Photoshop and Its Mechanics

Alright, now that you know what you can give out, it's time to make your shopping vouchers on Photoshop. Photoshop is a good editing platform with many tools at your disposal. You can start your project by opening a new document with your specified measurements and remembering to add bleed. From there you can work on your design and layout. You can try and use templates like the ones on our website as a starter.

3. Remember To Add The Important Details

When we talk about important details, we talk about stuff like a place for name, address contact number, and emails (kind of like a little "form" at the back of your voucher) along with your terms and conditions, and the voucher code. Do take note that the voucher code is very important because it validates your voucher code and helps track the details of what the voucher is based on your work place's database (provided you actually made the code on the voucher and in your database the same). Don't put in the actual worth of your shopping voucher and what it offers — it can either be nothing more than a set amount of dollars, a discount percentage, actual free stuff like fashion designer clothes, or free services offered by your business.

4. Lay It All Out Creatively

Once you have an idea of how you want your shopping voucher to look like, you can start making it eye-catching. There are many ways you can do this like using cartoons or basing the concept on the particular event the shopping voucher was given. You're giving away Christmas shopping vouchers, you can have a green, red, and white color scheme. You have special birthday vouchers for employee birthdays, or you can go with the flow with what event is happening during your customer peak cycle.

5. Inspect Before You Print

Remember that once the printing is done, all mistakes a permanent so do make the effort by taking a few minutes to inspect your work before you actually print it in mass. Usually, the first draft of any project can either be improved or cleaned of errors so save yourself the future hassle and do a bit of proofreading.

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