It's always the duty of the law to capture criminals. However, some of these men become fugitives. They are out of sight from justice and the law. So, to notify the public about their disappearance, they use wanted posters. If you want to save time for those items, you can always turn to wanted poster templates! For that, you can choose from our best stock of Ready-Made Wanted Poster Templates in PSD. You can customize, edit, and tweak these templates the way you want. These templates are printable in A4 and US sizes, too. Now, download one of these templates and alert the public to help seize those fugitives! 

How to Create a Wanted Poster in PSD

Committing a crime is a violation of the law. And if someone has committed a crime, that person is going to face punishment. However, a lot of people who violated the law aren't ready for the consequences of their actions. They hide to escape custody. More and more of them become fugitives day by day. Interestingly, they can never hide forever. According to the Fiscal 2018 Data, the U.S. Marshals Service can arrest 347 fugitives a day. Further, wanted posters can be a big help to arrest fugitives. These simple posters can inform the public about the fugitive's details. Then, help people identify the person when they see him/her and call the police or company who issued the poster.

So, to help you make your wanted poster, you can follow these easy steps below:

1. Make It Striking

If you want people to have their eyes on your poster, you have to make your poster appealing. This doesn't mean you're going to add lots of designs so that people will notice. You just have to make it striking with the use of appropriate colors and designs. In choosing a design for your poster, you can try using the wild west or cowboy theme. This style is classic because people can recognize it as a wanted poster. Also, to make it more contemporary, you can try to turn it into a modern poster by adding modern touches.

2. Provide a Photo of the Fugitive

Going back to the good old times, the first wanted posters (a.k.a. postcards before) didn't have images of fugitives on them, except for descriptions. True West Magazine says that the incorporation pictures on posters later came in the 20th century because the technology improved. Also, adding a picture of the fugitive is going to be more helpful because people can easily recognize him/her. However, if you don't have a photo of the person, it's okay, you can rely on the description of the person.

3. Use White Spaces Generously

A poster doesn't need to have a lot of details and designs going on on it. This way, people can quickly grasp the information on the printable poster. With this, you have to use a generous amount of spacing on every element on the poster. Doing this can help with the readability of your poster, even from a distance. Make sure that you don't knit the text and images close to each other too much. This way, you can guide people's eyes where to read next.

4. Keep Your Message Clear

Communicating through a creative poster doesn't have to be hard. As the wanted poster maker, you have the freedom of how you want to convey the message to your audience. However, you have to make sure that you clearly communicate your message. To do this, your audience has to know, even on one glance, that your poster is about a fugitive. So, you can put the word "Wanted" in boldface. This way, this can be the first thing people will see. You can also offer a bounty (in boldface) as well to get the attention people quickly. Don't beat around the bush, but say what you have to say directly.

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