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How to Make a Website Template in HTML5?

Websites are web pages viewed using a browser. There are many types of Websites, and these include eCommerce and Social media. To make a Website Template, you need to be creative, eager to learn, and these following tips:

1. Do Research

Before you start anything else, the first thing you should be doing is to do extensive research about the different computer and programming-related terms. You should know first the functions of relevant programs like CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), Wordpress, Bootstrap, wireframes, and so on. You cannot start your homepage design without knowing what codes to use, what's the use of each program, and how to do them. If possible, ask the assistance of an IT specialist to teach you some pointers and guide you towards making your website template.

2. Find References

If you have already polished up your knowledge of the several programs mentioned above, you can find references that will serve as a sample. It will provide you the very basis of your future Website when you are starting to envision how it should look. There are various references you can choose from online complete with tutorials that would make designing easier.

3. Come Up with an Idea of Your Website

Here is where you plan with what you want to do with your Website. Are you making a website about travel? You might want it to be a gallery of photos from subscribers and from the ones you've taken personally. If you are making a site as a marketing tool to attract customers to try out your restaurant, then you could decide to make it look modern and minimalist, focusing solely on food and services. You have to know what the purpose of your site is so you would know how to design it.

4. Make a Sample Design

After visualizing your Website's layout, it is time for you to make a sample. Start constructing a wireframe, just like how you envisioned your Website during the planning stage. For starters, you can try doing this with an HTML editor. You can look at the reference you've found during your research. If you are still not contented with your design, you can try and copy the reference. However, do not copy everything, especially design. You can decide to re-arrange the concept if you are giving it a different look.

5. Start Coding

Based on your design, you should start from the header to footer. When you set your desired colors, you can do it in CSS. For images, you could get some of them from trusted sources or download your own. But if you are going to put them on the Website, you have to code them in HTML. For your web content to be organized, you will have to use CMS (Content Management System) or Wordpress. Here you can choose which background you would use; however, make sure that the text will be readable and visible because you will have to code again to achieve a perfect result. You can experiment with your fonts, your images, and your colors until you feel it is enough and to your liking.

6. Check for Errors

Before you are going to post that fantastic Website, check for errors and mistakes. If you want to achieve a pixel-perfect site, do so with focus. If you have overlooked some details, there's a high chance of you coding again.

7. Post

Your Website's done and ready! You can show it now to people you love, potentials and the world.

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