Stetson hats, neckerchief bandannas, vests, spurs, and country lads in their boots—the great Wild West proved to be a revolutionary fashion period in American history. Its unique culture and practices brought with aesthetics that continue to live on even in the present era. Giddyup and use the best of the old West to your marketing advantage with our Western Flyer Template. They are readymade with a professionally designed full layout of graphic design, layers, motif, and suggestive content. These are easily customizable in Illustrator, InDesign, Publisher, MS Word, PSD, and Pages. Gallop your way to marketing success and download now! 

What is a Western Flyer?

A western flyer is used for the same reason that flyers are being utilized—to gain publicity through distribution. However, it focuses more on Western-themed events, promotions, or it incorporates the period’s distinct style.

How to Create a Western Flyer

western flyer template

If England had its knights and sword fights, America had cowboys and cowgirls, outlaws, rodeos and bar brawls. The Old West or the American Frontier is the period after the Civil War, encompassing the 1800s up to the early 20th century. It’s stories of buried treasures, ghost towns, and prairies are a beloved part of the country’s history books. No wonder it’s a well-adapted theme in events, businesses, and even marketing materials such as flyers and posters to appeal to a greater audience scope.

1. Plan Your Layout

Because you have already decided what theme to pursue, all there’s left to do is to plan your content. Set a clear goal in mind on how do you want to present your flyer and what do you need to accomplish through the material. Each content varies according to its corresponding purpose. If you’re hoping to gather more customers to your shop, restaurant, or stall, you can make a promotional flyer that includes discounts, an introduction of a new product, and other exciting offers. If you plan to get more crowd for a country festival party, concerts, and other activities, making an event flyer providing all the basic details.

2. Limit the Content

Crowding your business flyer with too many details will render it inefficient in getting the attention because generally, people shy away from any copy that requires them to stop and take a hard look. Make it easy to read by abiding with the design hierarchy. Plan your content in three divisions: the header, subhead, and the description. The event’s title or the headline should be in bold and striking font style. Your subhead should contain promo details, product characteristics, location, time, and dates. Any impertinent but still important goes into your description where they are written in a concise fine print. Keeping this outline in mind will help you eliminate what’s unnecessary and come up with a brief copy.

3. Underscore Benefits

Compel your audience to get to where you want them to be by emphasizing your brand or promotion’s benefits and advantages. It’s a powerful call-to-action. Placing them at a significant spot of your marketing flyer's layout is an efficient reinforcement to your market to make a decision and avail your services because there are apparent perks.

4. Get Creative with Your Typography

Explore creative typography options on your headline. A huge visual weight is placed in this area because its goal is to make your creative flyer stand out and attract attention. Create a unique font style in striking colors and design. This is also a good way to create a statement and amplify your Western design by applying retro typefaces in a woody shade that depicts your theme.

5. Add Branding Elements

If you’re going for a full Western design layout on your flyer, the concept might overtake the entire outline and it will be hard to incorporate your branding details. Use your business’ logo, and tagline to identify your flyer as yours. You can also opt to use your color scheme and apply design elements that would still represent the concept.

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