The winter season is always such a magical time of the year. And, with its different holidays, all kinds of celebrations take place. If you’re planning a big public event, then promoting it must be in order. So, consider downloading one of our easily editable Winter Flyer Templates for your content creation! Use our professional samples to make winter festival sale posters, holiday rooftop party flyers, and more. Plus, our content is 100% customizable in Apple Pages, so even MAC users aren’t left out. Go ahead and download now—promote your snowy offers and occasions with custom monthly event flyers!

How to Make Winter Flyers in Apple Pages

According to an article from Chron (an online business publication), printed advertising materials are still effective in our modern age of digital counterparts. One prime example is a simple flyer, which needs minimal cost and effort to make. From a holiday donation drive to a winter birthday party, flyers are great for your advertising and promotional needs.

When creating your flyer design in Apple Pages, there are a few core concepts to consider. If you’d like to know what these are, have a look at our tips just below.

1. Prepare a Page Layout Document for Your Winter Flyer

Apple Pages is a great application for making a flyer design. So, go ahead and begin by opening a new blank document.

The first thing that needs taking care of is setting the document to the appropriate format. Open the Document menu in the side toolbar (on the right) and deactivate the Document Body option. This allows the document page to be suitable for inserting illustrations and other content needed for designing your winter flyer.

2. Consider the Size of Your Winter Flyer

Determine what size you want and need for your seasonal flyer. For this, go back into the Document sidebar menu.

Under Printer and Paper Size, set your flyer’s size by using the 2nd pop-up menu. If you prefer customizing your document size, go to File > Page Setup > Page Size Menu and select Manage Custom Sizes to make your adjustments.

3. Use Thematic Imagery in Your Winter Flyer Design

A flyer’s visual design is what mainly gets someone’s attention. However, it’s not just about how attractive the handout looks.

When your flyer’s promotion has a particular theme to it (the winter season in this case), you need art or fitting pictures. For your winter flyer, go with depictions of holiday scenery, snowflake patterns, and so on.

4. Your Winter Flyer’s Written Content

Once a flyer gets someone interested enough to read it, that’s where good dialogue comes into play. Start with a memorable header or title, like “Dance into the New Year at our Club Bash” or “School Fundraiser for Everyone’s Happy Holiday.” Additionally, add some witty taglines along with the essential details about your promotion.

Create your flyer design’s dialogue by clicking the Text button (in the upper toolbar) and then setting down various text boxes. Get creative with the layout and use each text box for different bits of information. Reposition a text box by click-dragging it, resize by click-dragging its side handles, and customize it with the Format sidebar menu.

And with that, ensuring high quality in your winter flyer is now a simple task for you! If you need easy-to-use samples for your content creation, feel free to use our Winter Flyer Templates!

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