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How to Create a Work from Home Template in PowerPoint

We all know how PowerPoint is useful in so many ways. It's useful for employees who need to make a report on their assigned tasks. Presentations also break down a document into simpler terms which makes understanding easier. In cases of work from home situations, employees have to understand it through a presentation. If you need to create one, read our list of steps below. 

1. Gather Info

Before making your PowerPoint presentation template, you need to gather information about working from home. There's a lot of work from home content that you can choose from, such as policies, benefits, and any other related topics. You have to make sure that every information you get is accurate. 

2. Come Up with Content

Now that you're done with research, the next thing you should do is write the content. Don't forget to write concisely. It's too boring to read so many words in a single slide. Make sure that you can convey the right message with just a few words. It would be helpful to include some diagrams, tables, and charts to back up your content. 

3. Maximize the Slides

A single PowerPoint slide is a blank slate. Now that you have your content ready, it's time to put them on the slides. Choose the right color for the whole presentation. What's good with PowerPoint is it has a wide range of color schemes that you can use to improve your template. You can also use PowerPoint backgrounds to enhance your document

4. Make Final Edit

Finalize some parts of your keynote presentation slides before calling it a day. Change some of the slides when needed. Your document should be presentable and eye-catching. 


  • How many slides does a presentation have?

      A presentation can go from 10 slides to more than a hundred depending on the content. Those presentations with more than a hundred slides are usually lectures and modules. For a report, it usually goes less than 20. 

  • Can you add videos to your presentation?

      Yes, you can add videos to your presentation if it helps explaining a topic. Just make sure to have credit for the original source. 

  • How do you maintain a work-life balance while working from home?

      The answer to this is very simple. Maintain a work-life balance by making sure you don't work overtime. Your decision to have a remote work arrangement comes with many responsibilities. You should spend the time after your work to relax and recharge. 

  • How do you benefit from working from home?

      You benefit a lot by working from home with the following:

      1. Saving time for commuting
      2. Eating healthy food
      3. Saving money for whatever purpose you want
      4. Learning new skills

      While you're enjoying these benefits, don't forget to meet your employer's expectations as part of your remote work arrangement.

  • Can you fully work from home even without life-threatening reasons such as a pandemic?

      Yes if the company offers you a job that can be done outside the office.