You possess an excellent writing prowess, but does your resume show it? While it's a good idea to have your qualifications, skills, and experiences highlighted on your resume, writing one on your own takes time and effort. With little to no experience in structuring a winning resume, you might end up with a dull output and risk your chances at employment. Avoid such a thing from happening by availing of our Writer Resume Templates! You'll never go wrong with our professionally curated templates by talented writers and designers. So choose from our abundant collection of resume templates in Apple Pages. Get them for free when you register for any of our subscription plans!

How to Make a Writer Resume in Pages

Sorting and screening out resumes is a tedious responsibility for recruiting agents and hiring managers. The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is becoming a vital tool in aiding recruitment processes. It is a software that helps screen the candidate's resumes through the use of keywords. These keywords are directly found on the qualifications posted on the job advertisement. Moreover, understanding the modern job screening system will help you step up your game in the application arena.

1. Get Started with Your Details

You need to prepare your resume's content beforehand. The core details a resume needs include contact information (name, address, email, phone number), career summary or objectives, skills, education, and professional experience. You may also include any accolades relevant to the job you're pinning for. A resume is ideally single to double-page only, so avoid stuffing your profile with too much information. The hiring manager will probably only take less than a minute to scan your resume, so make it brief, readable, and easy to go through. Besides, a wordy resume can throw off your application. The extra length won't reward you with bonus points; the quality will.

2. Highlight Skills and Professional Experience

Your previous employment and acquired skills play a significant role in boosting your resume's quality. They're the core of your professional resume. Make them stand out! Avoid throwing in vague and general statements. Be specific. If they're looking for someone proficient in graphic design across any editing application, you can jot in "proficient in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator" instead of merely stating "proficient in graphic design." This is helpful if you're going to keep the ATS in mind. The same goes for the responsibilities under your work experience.

3. Choose a Resume Template

If you're using Apple Pages, it's highly recommended to use a template instead of designing one from scratch. Doing so will make the task more convenient and fast, especially if you're not a pro. While it is possible to generate a resume on Pages, it's also a complicated process. By using a template, you will be presented with a ready-made format with all the elements already in place. All that's left for you to do is to input your details. Here at, we present you with a vast selection of resume templates that are perfect for this need. They are all highly customizable, which allows you to edit conveniently. It's also print-ready and downloadable anytime and anywhere. The best options are just right before you!

4. Incorporate Personal Branding

This is the part where you need to personalize your resume. Do not rely on the given design or on the suggestive content provided. Make it your own. Manipulate the colors to fit your personality or the position you're going for. Aim for a creative resume. However, you shouldn't forget that a resume is still a formal document. Therefore, the visual elements shouldn't overpower the content. So keep it minimal and professional.

5. Proofread

Never turn in or send your resume without a long look-over. If you're going to employ keywords for the ATS, make sure that those keywords or any words in your simple resume for that matter—are correctly spelled. Basic grammar is a significant issue, especially if you're applying for a writing position such as a technical writer, creative blogger, or journalist. You are expected to have excellent command in grammar and a good eye for any errors. So don't let a single typo get in the way of your job aspiration.

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