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How to Design a Zoom Virtual Background

According to TechPP, Zoom is a versatile communication software with millions of users. Businesses and educational institutions utilize this application to initiate group calls. It also has features that can be used to make the calls more exciting. One of these features is the virtual background. Do you want a virtual background of your own design? Why not read some of our tips below.

1. Plan the Virtual Background

Designing a virtual background should begin with formulating the plan for the background's appearance. If you are creating a virtual background for yourself, then this should not be a challenge. You can refer to your preferences. To start, visualize how the virtual background would look like. You can create a list of visual materials to gather for later. Consider the size and resolution of the image you are about to create.

2. Select a Theme for the Background

If you want to design a presentable zoom virtual background, you have to consider selecting a theme to unify the virtual background's graphic design elements. The theme you are choosing will let you pick design elements that complement each other.

3. Utilize a Reliable Visual Design Application

Visual design applications will streamline the creation of the virtual background. You can use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign when rendering the image you will use as a virtual background.

4. Gather Visual Materials

Using your plan and theme as guides, you can gather the visual design materials you will need for the virtual background. You can look for photos, illustrations that would fit the theme you have chosen.

5. Put the Virtual Background Together

After completing the plan, choosing a theme, and gathering the materials, you can put the virtual background together. You can do some edits to improve it. Use the plan as a guide and reference. You can then import the completed virtual background and use it.

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