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17+ Lease Template – DOC, PDF

Lease Template is a useful agreement in which one person is agreeing to lease his/her property to other individuals. It helps in minimization of misunderstandings and provides a written record to support any queries of either the tenant or the landlord. The templates are designed using popular file formats such as MS-Word, PDF, and PSD. In the general case, the manager of the property or the landlord is required to prepare the lease template which will be signed by the tenant and each of them has some set responsibilities.

Lease Agreement Template

Either the landlord or a tenant needs to keep in mind various details in case of a property being rented. A Lease Agreement Template keeps all of the aspects of renting into one document and the document are supported by formats like MS-Word, PDF, and PSD. This can be helpful for both the tenant and the landlord understand their responsibilities. All kinds of file supported.

Standard Lease Agreement Template Word Format

standard lease agreement template word format

General Tenancy Agreement Form

Free Lease Agreement Template

A free lease agreement template which is available in formats like MS-Word, PDF, and PSD, is a contract amongst two parties – lessor and lessee. The lessor is the lawful owner of an asset, and the lessee is an individual who gains the right to utilize the asset in lieu of some rental payments.

Free Lease Agreement Template PDF

free lease agreement template pdf

Lease Agreement Template Download

Commercial Lease Agreement Template

Commercial Lease Agreement is a kind of contract made between tenant and landlord for the rental of a business property. It should contain the permitted utilization of the asset, the exclusive rights, insurance and maintenance responsibilities, special provisions, and payment and renewal options. Various kinds of file formats including MS-Word, PDF, and PSD are supported.

Sample Commercial Lease Agreement Word Format

sample commercial lease agreement word format

Residential Lease Template

The Residential Lease template should contain important information like the landlord, tenant, and property information, length of lease, price set as rent, permissions granted, responsibilities and rules and additional details like insurance, disclosure regarding the residential environment, etc. The template support different kinds of file formats like MS-Word, PDF, and PSD.

Free Residential Lease Agreement Word

free residential lease agreement word

Rental Lease Agreement Template

Rental Lease Agreement Template is a 30-days term contract at the end of which both the tenant and landlord have the right to make changes in the lease agreement. These template usually support all file formats such as MS-Word, PDF, PSD etc.. These are automatically renewed unless any legal notice is given by either of the parties regarding any changes to be made.

Basic Rental Agreement Template PDF

basic rental agreement template pdf

Apartment Lease Template

A standard template contains various information regarding the apartment being given on rent. The apartment lease template supports different file formats like MS-Word, PDF, PSD. The information included are the basic information regarding the apartment, the terms and rent details of the lease, security deposit and fees to be paid, regulations to be conformed with, renter’s insurance details, and responsibile for performing repairs.

Apartment Lease Agreement form Doc

apartment lease agreement form doc

Commercial Lease Template

Formed between a landlord and a business, a commercial lease template having different format (MS-Word, PDF, and PSD) consists of rent amount to be paid, causes for rent increase, security deposit to be paid and its forfeiture, lease length, improvements, property description, exclusivity and utilization clause, and other additional details.

Sample Commercial Lease Template PDF

sample commercial lease template pdf

Month to Month Lease Template

Agreements made between renters and landlords on a 30-day basis, at the end, which, both parties are free to make changes to the lease agreement. Month-to-month lease templates contains all the basic components present in a normal lease agreements, and these can be changes after a period of 30 days. These templates have the capability of supporting different file formats (MS-Word, PDF, and PSD).

Month to Month Residential Rental Agreement

month to month residential rental agreement

Vehicle Lease Agreement Template

A vehicle lease agreement template must contain all the necessary information about both the parties involved, that is the buyer and the seller. All types of file formats like PSD, PDF and word are supported. The legal entries regarding the payment must also be mentioned in the template.

Motor Vehicle Lease Agreement Doc

motor vehicle lease agreement doc

Lease Abstract Template

Inclusion of location or property identification is mandatory while making a lease abstract template.All types of file formats like PSD, PDF and MS word are supported.Apart from that, tenant name and rental rate must be mentioned. Taxes and lease commencement are included too.

Sample Lease Abstract Template PDF

sample lease abstract template pdf

Lease Contract Template

A lease contract template with formats such as PSD, PDF and word, must have a mention of the landlord name with the agreement and consent form considered mutually with the tenant. Rules and regulations to be followed during the tenure are also included in the lease contract template.

Free Contract Lease Template PDF Format

free contract lease template pdf format

Lease to Own Contract Template

The mutual consent of the Renter and the owner for the possession of the property is made clear. The template supports formats like PSD, PDF and word are supported.The price of purchase and the rent amount are mentioned in the lease to own contract template.

Residential Lease with Option to Purchase

residential lease with option to purchase

Farm Lease Template

While designing a farm lease template which is supported to different file formats including PSD, PDF and word, is one must mention the rates of upkeep of the soil of the farmland, which will ensure the maintenance of the farm. Also, liability must be put in case of disease outbreak.

Free Farm Lease Template PDF

free farm lease template pdf

Lease Termination Letter Template

Informing the tenant about the termination of the lease is incorporated in the lease termination letter template in the format of either PSD, PDF or MS-word as per the requirement from the client end. Returning of security deposits and other transactions must be clearly stated along with other terms and conditions.

Notice of Lease Termination

notice of lease termination

House Lease Template

A house lease template requires a mention of the occupants and the owner. The template is very useful and handy which can be designed with different file formats such as MS-Word, PDF, and PSD. Agreement between the two with agreed terms must be signed suggesting the consent of both the parties.

Residential Tenancy Agreement PDF Format

residential tenancy agreement pdf format

Lease Addendum Template

While making a lease addendum template, the owner clearly mentions about its rules and regulations specifically in the addendum template. Therfore, the template is extremely important and are made available in various format such as PSD, PDF or word according to the requirement. And in case of violation of the same, the owner can take a strict action against the tenant.

Lease Rental Agreement Addendum Form PDF

lease rental agreement addendum form pdf

Lease Proposal Template

Making an offer and counter offers in the lease proposal template is of prime importance. Negotiating with the terms by considering both the parties and validating the proposal template is the main motive of the all types of file formats like PSD, PDF and word are supported.

Lease Proposal Form PDF

lease proposal form pdf

Lease Document Template

Alease document template contains basic terms and conditions that are to be agreed upon both the parties involved, that is the owner and the tenant.It is an important document and the conditions should be quoted smartly. File formats like PSD, PDF and MS-word are to be supported for versatility purpose. Name, address of both, details about terms and uses/ conditions are also included in the lease document template as per the client need.

Lease Agreement Document Template Word Format

lease agreement document template word format

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