Lease Templates

Real Estate companies are seeing a tremendous growth in their business, for there are many people looking for rental properties today than they were a decade ago. Leasing a property often stems from circumstances and preferences, with the main reason for using a rental property being that it is cheaper to rent a home or a business premise than buying one. If you are a real estate agent, or you run your own real estate company, you might find a lease template for the enterprise Read More

What is Lease Template?

A printable lease template is a predesigned document that you can use as a contract of agreement when leasing a home or business property to an individual or company. According to this model, the tenant has the right to use the leased property for as long as they desire, in any way they want, as long as they pay the property owner the agreed rental cost for the agreed period.

There is no standard format for designing template. Every property owner has his own layout preferences as well as the details that they would like to reflect in the document. However, some details can’t and must never miss on the lease template form; these include names of the parties involved in the agreement, the rent, the duration of the lease terms, as well as pertinent issues (information) that should constitute the lease.

On one hand, some versions of the lease are almost always specific; but the nature of a specific document heavily depends on the preference of the property owner. The name given to a more specific lease agreement is long version template. On the other hand, a property owner may decide to use a shorter version of the lease agreement. The shortest version is usually general, meaning that it won’t include terms that aren’t absolutely necessary.

What does a Printable Lease Template Cover?

You can only use this template if you own a building, either residential or commercial, and you wish to rent the space to businesspersons or individuals. You can use a blank lease template if you are working on behalf of a property owner, who has legally put you in charge of their business.

So, what does a standard model cover? Of course, it is necessary to trim down the necessities accordingly in the document although it is usually appropriate to include all the elements that make up a standard printable or email lease template. Below is a list of elements that must reflect in a lease agreement to make the content of the document relevant and useful.

  • The terms or length of the lease contract.
  • The amount and the frequency of rent.
  • The possibility and agreements of rent increase or decrease.
  • Rules that must clearly indicate whether a tenant is free to smoke, own a pet or turn a residential house to a business.
  • The guest rules.
  • The signing incentives – if there is any.
  • The option of renewing a contract after the expiry of the current one.
  • The maintenance and insurance obligations.

Who Needs a Lease Agreement Template?

We’ve covered quite a lot about lease agreement templates. The last thing we need to look at is the parties that should be using the printable lease agreement templates. You can only use a blank tenant agreement template if you satisfy the following conditions.