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Lease Templates

Real Estate companies are seeing a tremendous growth in their business, for there are many people looking for rental properties today than they were a decade ago. Leasing a property often stems from circumstances and preferences, with the main reason for using a rental property being that it is cheaper to rent a home or a business premise than buying one. If you are a real estate agent, or you run your own real estate company, you might find a lease template for the enterprise.... Read More

lease agreement

10+ Lease Purchase Agreement Templates

Lease purchase negotiations between a property-owner and a tenant/buyer involves many twists and turns. The property owner may want this, or the tenant/buyer may want that, are basically one of the things being talked about in these negotiations. However, this sort of negotiation is not merely done verbally. It must have a written record of the things that both parties legally agreed upon. One of those so called written records are lease purchase agreement documents. The main and most important content of these documents are the lease period of the property, and the period wherein the tenant/buyer can purchase it.

6+ Church Lease Agreement Templates in PDF

The church lease agreement is an agreement between the church administration and the other party who is taking some portion of the church property on lease, for some purpose. The agreement is a well-defined document established between the church administration and the other party. You can use lease agreement templates to form an agreement of lease with the church.

10+ Landlord Tenant Lease Agreement Templates

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, it is essential for you to protect your rights by issuing a formal contract regarding the lease of the property. This helps to ensure no unforeseen rise in rental takes place from the landlord’s side or any delay in payment of rent from the tenant’s side. This can be overseen by using a lease agreement template, which will enlist all the details with respect to the procedure and the term of the lease.

10+ Landlord Tenant Lease Renewal Letter Agreement Templates

Finding a new tenant or a place to live in can be a hefty task, so convince your landlord to renew your apartment lease by proposing an agreement which will benefit both of you equally. It is an official contract regarding the extension of the lease agreements and can consist of any amendments in the pre-existing contact.

5+ End of Lease Letter Templates to Tenant

As a landlord, it can be that you might want to get rid of a tenant for multiple reasons. Maybe they don’t comply with their leases or maybe, you need the apartment for personal reasons. In situations like such, you are to write an end of lease letter to your tenant. Doing so is crucial, and doing it well is all the more. In such a case, the best option is that, you can use the end of lease letter template. Mostly, these templates are ready to be used without any editing, while sometimes you may need to customize them. So it’s important to know the essentials of end of lease letter templates.