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14+ Classified & Ad Managing Joomla Extensions

A project being built on the Joomla platform never needs to worry about adding extensions. This award-winning, open source content management system has an extensive directory for extensions. If you want to build your own classifieds website, the Jom Classifieds is an excellent investment. Setup with this takes only minutes, and streamlines the entire process extensively. You can also see Fitness Joomla Themes & Templates. Almond Classifieds is another popular choice, which are constantly being updates with new features and bug fixes. If your project simply needs a classifieds extension, DJ-Classifieds is an option you can look into. Features like custom fields; custom locations, paid ads and custom search within categories make this a feature-packed extension, which is very much in demand. You can also see Event Joomla Themes & Templates.

Jom Classifieds

jom classifieds
This is a classified & Ad managing Joomla extension template format that can be easily down loaded from the internet. The user can get this template in the form of word documents and PDF. The template is print ready and is provided with a great resolution range.


dj classifieds
This is a template design that has been given a host of 100% responsive features. The template is fully navigable and can prove to be a great support for the web designers. The theme concept is quite generalist.

JomSocial Classifieds

jom social classifieds
This is a template design that is simple, yet elegant and effective. The template format is fully editable. The user can not just change the content matter of the template but can also easily change the background theme color.


This template layout can help to make super exciting and interesting websites. The theme is generalist. The user can also insert extra pages so that a detailed and an elaborate website can be designed.


classifieds ads manager
This is a template format that can support to make your website highly print ready. The high resolution range of the template can enable the user to get very good quality of printouts.

Classifieds Redux gives the administrator more power over the website and is very easy to use. The plus point of this extension is that you can make changes to your website without having to change the code, which is a time saver and save you a lot of headache. You may also visit Flash Themes & Templates. With so many classifieds Joomla extensions, it is nearly impossible that you won’t find one that is the perfect fit for your needs. Of course, not everyone will be looking to set up an extensive and feature rich classifieds section within their website or project. KSAdvertiser is a lightweight option that helps you set up a simple classifieds setup without much work and without many options. To enable commerce between members of your website, you could also look into Localadix Ads Manager. With so many options available, you can’t go wrong with Joomla!

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