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9+ Best Joomla Security Extensions

Every professional setup gets the needed boost with a Joomla empowered website. Several features and application sets come in handy but one should also keep a note of the security threats looming at large. Joomla security extensions are those plugins which take care of most of the security issues related to a CMS empowered website. With viable safety norms like perpetual updates and availability of third party plugins, these top rated extensions have a significant face value.

Both free and premium features are supported by these extensions which often use a secure server configuration for added safety. User registration is mostly disabled so as to avoid logins and several performance glitches. With certain preconfigured plugins regardless of the hosting services up for grabs, these security extensions provide the best possible performance. Features like data filtering and additional security settings concerning PHP programming do come in handy for the professionals.

Akeeba Backup

akeeba backup

XCloner-Backup and Restore

xcloner backup and restore

Admin Tools

admin tools



Securitycheck Pro

securitycheck pro

Multisites Control Joomla

multisites control joomla

RS Firewall


OSE Anti-Virus

ose anti virus

Admin Tools

admin tools



Marco’s SQL Injection

marcos sql injection

Admin Tools Professional

admin tools professional

Adding these extensions is seamlessly easy and the end result is extremely resourceful as the websites are safeguarded against SQL injections, URL inclusions, Remote Code Executions and much more. Take your pick among these highly potent options which would supercharge the Joomla website with enhanced security and safety features for an improved professional setup.

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