11+ Beautiful Light Themed Web Design Templates


If you’re going for a fuss- and clutter-free web design, then you have definitely come to the right place. Light and minimalist designs are both a trendy and classic fad as well as both modern and timeless. It is especially popular among personal and business websites alike, as it allows website owners to focus more on the content rather than the visuals.

Below is a compilation of beautiful light themed web design templates that will surely give your websites a clean and professional look. Deck out your websites with one of these themes and your are guaranteed to gain more serious attention and leads for your businesses. Use these templates to create highly functional and visually appealing webpages.

Lumo – A WordPress Portfolio Theme


Lumo is a super minimalist WordPress theme that is specifically built for creative professionals to promote their works online. It is characterized by a pure white background with equally immaculate buttons, labels, typography, and iconography.

It’s a simple yet powerful theme that features a CSS-animated page load-ins and outs, bespoke custom post templates, custom field attributes and much more. Lumo has a stunningly pure and abstract front-end appearance that will surely make your works stand out.

Ashbury – Clean WordPress Blog Theme


Ashbury is a clean and modern WordPress theme for blogging and other content management purposes. It comes with a unique but straightforward layout which can easily be modified through the built-in WordPress Native Customizer.

It allows you to make a personalized design for your personal or corporate blogs with multiple layouts and menu styles as well as an alternate sidebar. Ashbury is fully responsive, so it’s guaranteed to look great on all devices in any size.

Madison – A WordPress Blog Theme


Madison is another light themed WordPress template that is not just for blogs but can also be used for portfolios and business websites. It has a modern and professional look with image-oriented section labels and banners that bring your website to life.

It gives you full control over your layout as it is highly customizable, with flexible color options and custom widgets to match your brand. Madison is a 100% responsive theme that displays beautifully across various browsers and devices.

Shutter – Classic Photography Theme


Shutter is a classic photography theme with a minimalist and light design. Its clean and clutter-free layout allows your wedding and events photography skills to shine. It also comes in a dark version to give you more customization options.

This template enables you to showcase your works with awesome features such as a Hero Slider, filterable built-in galleries with multiple layouts, and multiple page templates. Shutter comes free, so you can try it out with all its features to create an awesome website.

Corporate WordPress Theme


This corporate WordPress theme boasts of a powerful CMS tools admin panel, which means you can customize it pretty easily. It is made with a built-in RT-Theme Template Builder which has a drag-and-drop user interface for easy customization.

The template features a choice of menu and color styles. It also comes with product and portfolio tools giving you a wide range of opportunities to create different types of business pages. Among these websites are corporate, product catalog, services or portfolio websites.

Bushwick Lightweight Minimal Theme


Bushwick is another minimal and lightweight theme that is packed with some special features that let you create a one-of-a-kind web design. These exclusive features include a seamless video background and unique lettering animations on the header slider and image hover.

This theme also features an Ajax project details and separate blog layouts to showcase your works with highly supported slideshows, sliders, and etc. With all these amazing features, Bushwick is definitely the best template for your personal and business portfolios.

Finnik – Minimal WordPress Theme


Finnick is a simple and neat WordPress theme made for various creatives as it allows works of art to shine through its minimalist design. Featuring a plain menu sidebar and a grid-based display for galleries and portfolios, it’s one of the finest theme around.

Even with its simplicity, Finnick also comes with dynamic features that allow you to customize the look and manage the content of your website conveniently. It has a fully responsive layout and comes with social media icons for social media capabilities.

Minimal PrestaShop Theme


For your eCommerce websites, here’s a fresh and bright PrestaShop theme that is perfect for online shops that sells chic and edgy products; as in fashion, technology, and accessories. It’s defined by black typography, add-to-cart buttons, and product badges which easily stand outs.

With its easy and eye-friendly style, it wouldn’t take long for buyers to find an item of their choice and click on that button. This theme is also versatile in a way that you can change its color palette in one click or implement the theme to your website as fast as it can.

Hotels Responsive Website Template


Modern Hotel is a responsive website template that perfectly represents the cozy and homey feel of hotels, resorts, and other accommodations. It features a unique layout, along with its light and minimalist design, unconventionally placed buttons, and elegant sidebar menu.

But most importantly, Modern Hotel features an easy booking form that will surely entice indecisive customers to book a night with you. Its News and Deals section will also provide them an overview and information about promos and discounts.

Barber Shop Website Template


This Barber Shop website template is a perfect choice for every small and service-oriented business. It has a minimalist and user-friendly interface that features a thought-out content hierarchy, which creates a very organized content that your audience will love.

The theme is attributed with an ample white space and background that is completely in contrast with its black text and red UI elements, giving you a clean and professional look. Barber Shop is a responsive template that comes with pre-defined blocks for easy usage.

Apartments Website Template


Lastly, the Apartments theme is a responsive Bootstrap template that features a spacious homepage layout perfect for real estate, industrial, and other property websites. It features an amazing  full-width image slider can be used to highlight and promote projects.

Apartments provide a variety of awesome features such as responsive gallery previews, animated counters, Google Map widgets, social sharing buttons, and more. With a spectacular stick-to-top mega menu, it provides easy navigation and smooth user experience.

Finally, our list has come to an end and we hope that you are able to get inspiration from this collection. Or, that you have found the right template for the type of website you have in mind. And while you’re here, you can also check out our list of awesome dark themed templates for more inspiration.

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