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10+ Best Price Comparison WordPress Themes & Templates 2019 [ Download Now ]

An inquisitive mind is the best to push the envelope to try hard in search of the best price of any product. With the advent of the internet, there are several ways of comparing the price of any item. When you’re online, there are various different social platforms which function to answer your queries regarding whether the price tag of an item is appropriate or not. For this, you need the best WordPress themes.

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Price Compare – MailChimp Integrated WordPress Theme

This is a brilliant and gorgeous theme designed for various online communities, marketing websites or any social communities which aims at helping you compare prices of different items. In other words, it is a price comparing WordPress theme backed up with additional capabilities as it comes with a detailed question page, brilliant poll page, unique user and profile pages, and so on. It is integrated with various features like Ajax Search, Social networking, MailChimp integrated filter, sort, pagination, life search, tags, social media sharing, vote etc. With its high-end edit features, you can easily manage all questions efficiently and professionally.

Stationery – Ajax Based WordPress Theme

This premium WordPress theme allows anyone too easy to create a social platform to compare the pricing of any product posted by users. It is integrated with complete forum-like functionality. It is compatible with multiple browsers. It receives regular updates as well to keep up with the growing trends and helps to maintain the site. It comes with a stunning slider. The homepage is intuitive and easy to browse. There is a separate question listing page allowing you to quickly access this section to post your question. It supports an Ajax base answer form submission.

Evon – Easily Customize WordPress Theme

This is an online store WordPress theme which is much more advanced than others. It can transform any blog website into a fully functional price comparison site. It allows any user to post any query regarding the price of a product. This theme is also regularly updated to maintain that no compatibility issues crop up and also ensure maximum functionality. It comes with seven unique colors. It is integrated with a theme customization panel allowing you to easily customize the WP theme with ease. Moreover, it is integrated with the WP dashboard. It also supports a large array of shortcodes.

Houzez – Custom Widgets WordPress Theme

With this professional WordPress theme, you can create your own portal of product price comparison. This sleek theme is overloaded with various features and it’s easy to set up. You have full control over the navigation system of the WP Page. Browsing is also made easy with all the top categories being kept on a separate list on the home page and other such filters. There is also a top navigation bar which allows you to quickly access different parts of the site. To further simplify things, you can easily post your queries from the homepage. Easy browsing makes it easy for you to search for a particular question and its answer.

EmaxStore – bbPress Plugins WordPress Theme

This theme serves as a helpdesk for its users and allows you to provide them with price comparisons of products with the help of integrated plugins like bbPress forums and FAQ plugin. It is a premium WP theme which features a typography list, live search option, and social networking icons. Moreover, it is translation ready. It is also SEO ready and speed optimized. It supports future updates so that it can patch any problems that you may face. It has integrated narrated video tutorials which will enable you to guide through the functionalities of the site.

Ayvo – Gravatar Integrated WordPress Theme

With this online shopping WordPress theme, any simple WordPress blog can be turned into a glorious price comparison site. It supports WP 4.9.x. It enables you to add tags to different queries which enhance the chances for the right product to be found by a user. For admins, there is an updated manage pages link. It has enhanced customizability as it comes with 3 different color schemes along with a list of custom logo images. It is also integrated with Gravatar. It is also compatible with multiple browsers.

GeoBin – Responsive WordPress Theme

With this multipurpose WordPress theme, it is no longer a difficult task to start a search for your product where you can easily compare prices. It requires no special coding or technical language knowledge. It comes prepacked with several features like it features a quick search preview at the top where you can easily search the site before making any request for any product comparison. It comes with a sticky thread which allows you to mark important products of interest. It is SEO Friendly and it is integrated with plugins which will allow you to get a complete overview of the forum statistics.

Blurb – Bootstrap Framework WordPress Theme

With this affiliate marketing WordPress theme, you can have your own personalized online comparison store. It builds the price comparison system right from scratch. It has incorporated several premium plugins. It is compatible with Bootstrap and with multiple browsers. It is presented in an intuitive format allowing users to be easily supported by you with solutions. You can set up an entire discussion page allowing users to interact with them as well. It is very responsive as well. It is SEO ready and is compatible with any screen so that you have the best experience irrespective of the device you use.

Motors – GDPR Plugin WordPress Theme

This is a dynamic theme supported with all the modern social trends so that price comparing becomes easy. It is repeatedly updated to maintain its efficiency and functionality. It is also widget ready. It also supports multiple browsers. It boasts a UX design which enhances the overall user experience. It also supports a poll page which helps you with multiple choice questions. With frontend controls, you can easily manage all elements of your website. It is integrated with the GDPR plugin and also supports MailChimp. It is also integrated with WooCommerce and is SEO ready.

ReHub – User-Friendly WordPress Theme

This multi-store WordPress theme will provide you with a comprehensive solution to all your price related problems. The features it boasts will allow you to create the perfect price comparison site. It features product listings, syntax highlighter, user dashboard, posts formats. Moreover, it is SEO friendly. It presents with an intuitive user interface which enhances its efficiency as a site to compare prices. It is included with a separate FAQ page where you listed your queries regarding the price of the product. There are several customizable widgets to enhance accessibility. It is also translation ready.

MBStore – Ajax Live Search WordPress Theme

It is not only a premium WordPress theme but also a very responsive one for your price comparison needs. It is integrated with key features like Ajax live search, badges, and pointers. It also features a price filtering option along with several theme customization options. There are unlimited layouts, styles, and colors to choose from. The other features it boasts is front end management where you easily manage all the aspects of your website and also there is a separate page from where you can put forth your queries about a product.


There are several WordPress themes but it is essential that you choose the best one for your online site where users will compare prices of products. Such online forums are a part of everyone’s day to day life where everyone seeks, after all, everyone would want, to get the best price for any product. Such forums allow you to find the best price.

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