10+ Health Blog WordPress Themes & Templates [ Download Now]

If you are a new blogger on the internet, and wondering how you can put all the pieces together, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. As a health blogger, you have to make sure that your website is absolutely perfect to be successful. Here are a few health blog WordPress templates that will help you to get started.


Care – Multiple Browser Compatible WordPress Theme

care – multiple browser compatible wordpress theme

Care is one of the highly reputed templates available in the market for doctors, dentists and most importantly, health bloggers. It is compatible with the latest version of health WordPress and most importantly, is supported by all the major browsers. This theme is jam-packed with all the amenities required to make your website a truly extraordinary one. It has an incredibly responsive layout and high resolution that is very attractive. You will find timetable managers already installed in here which you can customize according to your needs. It has the WooCommerce system already integrated and can be used over a versatile language.

Cauliflower – Custom Widgets WordPress Theme

cauliflower – custom wordpress theme

This elementor WordPress theme is best for food-related health bloggers who are trying to build their website, but at the same time, other health bloggers can also use this theme as it has some of the most exciting features that you may need when making your own website. Indulge in a host of features and characteristics of this template to give your website a new charm. With numerous pre-made pages and layouts to select from, you will not have to go through the hassles of building anything on your own, making you work so much easier and hassle-free.

Gracioza – Customer Friendly WordPress Theme

gracioza – customer friendly wordpress theme

This modern and super responsive WordPress theme is the best choice for not only health bloggers but also bloggers in general and people who are interested in fitness and beauty. It has an effective height as well as weight calculator along with some already made products like galleries and services. It has a number of pre-built pages so that you can simply put in your details and get started. However, if you like to customize according to your choice, you can also do so as this template is customizable. You can also build a store and sell your products online because this template is woo-commerce friendly.

Namaste – Responsive WordPress Theme

namaste – responsive wordpress theme

This minimal WordPress theme is specially made for bloggers who mostly write or deal with yoga or can also be used by other health bloggers. The best feature about this template is that before you buy or make any transaction with this template, you will be shown a demo of your future website so that you can edit or keep what you do not want and what you fancy respectively. This theme has a host of efficient functions that you can use with great finesse. The usability of this product is so high that you won’t have any difficulty in making your website even if it is your first time.

Melanie Hanson – WPBakery Page Builder WordPress Theme

melanie hanson – wpbakery page builder wordpress theme

This attractive and responsive WordPress template is best suited for lifestyle and health bloggers as well for medical professionals. It has been made compatible with WPBakery and is also compatible with WooCommwerce giving you the ability to start your online store and profit from the revenues. The theme is very easy to operate even if you are beginning and have no prior experience in this department. With the help of high functioning widgets and shortcodes, you will be able to display your achievements and missions which will help your website to be perceived as highly professional.

EcoDetox – Retina Ready WordPress Theme

ecodetox retina ready wordpress theme

Making your website retina ready and responsive is the first and foremost requirement. Even if you have top-notch content, without it being attractive, nobody will be interested in engaging in your website. So, if you want to make a website that will catch people’s eyes, this is your best option as this WordPress template has many modern and out of the ordinary layouts which are so novel that they will demand the attention of your viewers. You will also be given a live demo of your website before you make an investment in this direction just to be sure.

Jannifer Hamis – WooCommerce Ready WordPress Theme

jannifer hamis – woocommerce ready wordpress theme

If you want to create a fun and colorful website, this is the best templates available in the market for you. It is brilliant for personal trainers, fitness gurus and of course, health bloggers. You can take the help of either already builds in page layout or use the highly customizable options to showcase your services and achievements in a productive manner. It is fully compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce and has various before and After Plugins to showcase your brilliance. There is a host of pre-made pages available for displaying your products, portfolios, services and success stories.

KingNews – Multilingual WordPress Theme

kingnews client friendly wordpress theme

If you are new to the world of website building, it may seem challenging. With the help of this Multilingual WordPress theme, you can make your own designs and customize them accordingly. With the help of a host of widgets available with this template, you can set up your website very easily. It is super easy to manage and very client-friendly. You can even contact our team of professionals if you are stuck anywhere and need some help in detail.

Rosalinda – Customizable WordPress Theme

rosalinda customizable wordpress theme

This conventional and attractive lifestyle blog WordPress theme is specially made for health bloggers and fitness trainers to build a comprehensive website without expending all their energy. Even if you are not a pro, you will be able to develop your site, because the template is elementary to handle. It is made compatible with the world in association with Instagram feed, which is of utmost need for awareness. You can use the widgets and the powerful shortcodes to display your style, mission, success stories, personal portfolios and achievements which will make your website even more credible in the eyes of the viewers and fans.

Counselor – Drag and Drop WordPress Theme

counselor drag and drop page builder wordpress theme

Although blogging is not all about counseling, there are some human aspects that you must indulge in and provide guidance to your followers. For this reason, this template must also be considered to be that aspect of your work covered. It has been built with Drag and Drop Page Builder which will make it very easy to work with this template even if you are new to building a website. This client-friendly and responsive WordPress theme will help you to make your site very easy. It has powerful and professional widgets that you can use to customize your website according to your needs easily. Modify the look of your website with just a few clicks.

Alex Stone – Visual Composer Plugin WordPress Theme

alex stone visual composer plugin wordpress theme

It is one of the most exceptional themes available in the market. A theme so elegant and versatile is truly difficult to find and is packed with the best features that you will ever get your hands on. Once you start using the theme will you understand the hype about it? It has a vibrant range of functions and features that are genuinely exceptional and hard to find on other templates. It has pre-made homepage versions that are defined by their finesse and realistic orientation. You can build a tasteful magazine or blog cover in seconds with the help of this fantastic theme. It has a drag and drop page builder and visual composer plugin.


Building a website is no more an insurmountable job; you can now do it very quickly, especially with the help of these extraordinary templates. Get started and start your blogging journey soon and reach the heights. Remember, making your website responsive and attractive is the first step in building a successful website.

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