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272+ Personal Themes & Templates

Templates, as we are all aware, are mostly used for re-usability of content with the optimal level of customization required for certain visualization depending upon the need and demand of the designer and user. Now, themes& templates differ for different types of products and services. For example, a template for designing an e-commerce platform would be different as compared to that created for any other promotional or advertisement purposes. These can designed using Joomla, PSD, HTML, PHP and others.

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> Personal Joomla Themes & Templates

Joomla templates and themes, similar to that of WordPress are used to create and design interactive and responsive web sites which can be used for both interactive as well as transactional purpose. These templates also have a lot of pre-defined plug-ins which users can use to create re-usable components, which can be used in the website design.[21+ Personal Joomla Templates]

> Personal Drupal Themes & Templates

Drupal is one of the most preferred and frequently used options in order to create an interactive website or portal for e-commerce. The themes and templates used in such cases have more call to actions and are analytical friendly. They do have separate and specific themes and templates for different stages of the customer life cycle.[17+ Personal Drupal Templates]

> Personal Blog Themes & Templates

Blog sites are completely of a different and disparate dynamics as compared to other commercial web sites created for promotional or transactional. Blog themes and templates are mostly for informative sites with a rich collection of explanatory images and illustrative content. At times, this also has scope for certain crowdsourcing of ideas as well.[21+ Personal Blog Templates]

> Personal HTML5 Themes & Templates

HTML5 I is nothing but an extension over the HTML templates and themes which were used primitively to create utility websites and landing pages. These templates have certain additional tags and scripts which designers can use to create higher end customizable components which can be re-used through the web site.[21+ Personal HTML5 Templates]

> Personal Bootstrap Themes & Templates

Bootstrap is one of the most innovative ventures launched under MIT license which provides designers with an open source platform wherein they can use the re-usable components – be it any tags, plug-ins or any kind of CSS style sheets to provide a rich look to the web design created. Bootstrap is mostly used for creating non-transactional websites.[21+ Personal Bootstrap Templates]

> Personal PHP Themes & Templates

PHP is a favored by many a designer to initiate and execute their web design because they enable users to perform lean programming – both at the server as well as the client side. PHP templates and themes are mostly in the form of re-usable tags which are designed in one page. And once compiled, just a reference of those tags is what is required from the developer. These templates are mostly used for creating website.[21+ Personal PHP Templates]

> Personal Website Themes & Templates

Talking of personal websites, it is mostly informative in nature – i.e. obviously user would not try to sell any stuff from their personal website. Hence, designers mostly use WordPress, Joomla for creation of such website themes & templates. In case of any added aesthetics in any of the pages, Swish templates can be used as well.[31+ Personal Website Templates]

> Personal PSD Themes & Templates

PSD templates are nothing but image and animation play, with a rich usage of Photoshop. PSD image templates are mostly used for promotional events where in the content (be it in the form of webpage or a physical banner) needs to be eye catchy and at the same time, communicate the offering to the prospective customers.[21+ Personal PSD Templates]

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