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59+ Best WordPress Themes & Template 2016

Using random and non-thematic images becomes obsolete these days. Now, theme providers who can cope up with the ever evolving technology will only survive. For that, creating additional themes which responds better to changing user needs, such as multimedia (video and audio) and animation effects have become not only essential, but also inevitable. You may also visit Directory & Listing WordPress Templates. In this regard, WordPress holds a special place in Content Management System. It started off as a blog provider albeit, very soon it reached to a level, where it can addresses the needs of designers with various widgets and plugins. Now the WordPress is being considered as one of the most sophisticated and user-friendly platform, where the best themes are available. You may also visit Wedding WordPress Templates.

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SEO Agency WordPress Theme/Template

Sushi Restaurant WordPress Theme/Template

Spa WordPress Theme/Template

Clinic WordPress Theme/Template

Pizza WordPress Theme/Template

Gym WordPress Theme/Template

Pharmacy WordPress Theme/Template

Church WordPress Theme/Template

Engineers WordPress Theme/Template

Wedding WordPress Theme Template


Premium Portfolio WordPress One Page Theme $48


Best Arch WordPress Theme $75

Architect gives a structure to your thoughts and a shape to your dreams. Your Arch Company deserves the best of the website that displays all your credentials and capabilities in the most subtle yet elegant way. This is where Best Arch WordPress Theme steps in and helps you present all services you provide in a professional and artistic way.

Best Blog CV & Video WordPress Theme $44

Your blog is your identity. It is your image presented to the world out there. You need to set it up in a way that reflects you in the minutest details it has. With the Best Blog CV & Video WordPress Theme, you can customize your blog into any way you want and make it an extension of yours. Upload best of your articles in the best way possible.

The Best American Brewery WordPress Theme $75

A brewery theme for your website allows you to customize your tabs in the form of beer glasses and many more interesting effects that highlight your love for the brewery. With the Best American Brewery WordPress Theme, you can now make your website stand above all the competition there is.

Perfect for any travel blogger out there, Hayes brings the style that is bold and convincing. The focus is on presenting your travels via photography. Nothing tells a story better than a good image. With Hayes you get right to the point, presenting your content in a clean and minimal way.

Modern Online Magazine WordPress Theme $57


Best Plumbing WordPress Theme $75

Plumbing website requires in depth details on all the services that your company provides and all that must prompt the user to make his call to you. All this is included in the Best Plumbing WordPress Theme which really stands out with its why to choose our tab and showcases your clients at the bottom of the page to leave an impression on the user.

Verk is a multipurpose and flexible WordPress theme that offers you an almost unlimited variety of unique page layouts. Designed specifically for small businesses. All our multiporpuse themes come with our Page Builder which allows you to build versatile pages and adjust them to your needs swiftly.

Best Recipes Responsive WordPress Theme $45

All foodie people out there tend to visit a recipe website every now and then. With so many of such websites at service, you can now give your website the edge with the Best Recipes Responsive WordPress Theme. The effects are really intriguing and organized in a way that let’s you store Recipes in a responsive manner.

Multi-Purpose Animation Builder WordPress Theme $59

We all require websites for our organizations. It is important that we pay heed to the type of site we are creating as this will be considered as our company’s identity in future. Thus using the Multi-Purpose Animation Builder WordPress Theme will allow you to have cool effects on your site to keep the eyeballs rolling.

Fre Responsive Scrolling WordPress Theme


Best Financial Magazine WordPress Theme $55

A financial magazine needs to be effective in the way it represents text as well as images. It should have large enough tabs that display articles and certain other features that prompt user to click more. The Best Financial Magazine WordPress Theme is right up to the task and offers exquisite features for you to steal the show.

Awesome Photography WordPress Theme $44


Beautiful eCommerce WordPress Theme $59


Best eLearning WordPress Theme $59

Online courses are really the talk of the day. Every e learning website tries to make it as interactive and as easy to use as possible. The given Best eLearning WordPress Theme also stands out in the number of features it offers and the layout the experts have developed. It is extremely easy to use and will be the right push your company needs.

Best Style Park WordPress Theme $45

Style websites contain so many features on its home page that it is often difficult to manage the entire content with efficiency. Proper details to all the minute things need to be paid. You can now do this task with proficiency using the Best Style Park WordPress Theme that has an extremely attractive layout.

Best Fin Vertex WordPress Theme $75

Financial solutions are something we all need at some point of other in our lives. Thus, Type website that provides such solutions should be right on the money and must have an impressive layout that grabs attention. Use the Best Fin Vertex WordPress Theme and make most of the minute details and the amazing user experience.

Best Simple Photography WordPress Theme $79

Simple photography when cumulated with an impressive layout and expertly written content can certainly generate breath taking traffic. The layout needs to be impressive and the images to be arranged in the most attractive way possible. Make your way to one of the most exquisite websites by using Best Simple Photography WordPress Theme.

Best Motors WordPress Theme $59

A hardcore automobile related website should never let a user go once the attention on grasped. With the Best Motors WordPress Theme, the website offers amazing hd pics coupled with interesting articles that surely do the trick. With tons of other features loaded in this is certainly a theme to look out for.

A special purpose website has the ability to mold itself in any of the occasions the content requires it to. From a wedding to a birthday, the website makes sure that none of your important moments get skipped. Now check out the Special Purpose WordPress Template that does this task with utmost efficiency.

Best Restaurant WordPress Theme $59

A restaurant website needs to be as informative and attractive as possible. The homepage may just allure the user to click and visit the place soon. The tabs about the location, theme etc. about the restaurant should be clearly stated. Use the Best Restaurant WordPress Theme to leave a lasting impression.

A feminine website should be extensively detailed and beautifully designed to attract more and more users. There needs to be a blend of articles, images and other posts on the front page of the website. Using the Feminine WordPress Theme you can create a better looking website that draws attention.

One Page Music WordPress Theme $59

A one page website focusing solely on music is a difficult task to achieve. Loads of data in the form of songs and the tons of features including customized search and the music player needs to be woven together in a beautiful yet easy to use way. Use the One Page Music WordPress Theme to get this desired effect.

Club Party WordPress Theme $59

A club party website is by default the coolest concept of websites that we have discussed. The color combination, the events feed, the twitter handle everything should be woven together in a fun yet effective way to create maximum impact. This can be achieved by using the Club Party WordPress Theme.

Premium Portfolio WordPress Theme $49

Your portfolio website is a doorway to your professional self. It is thus of extreme importance and must contain all the features in a neat and tidy manner that bring back the user again and again. All images should be properly arranged and your description should find itself on the home page. Use the Premium Portfolio WordPress Theme to make most of it.

Awesome Music WordPress Theme $59

The music websites have so large information and content to maintain that they often skip on the charm of the site. This is what Awesome Music WordPress Theme takes care in a really skillful manner. With all the tabs and player arranged in an effective easy to use manner, this theme can always come in handy.

Complete Music Solution for WordPress Theme $59

A Music solution website is a difficult task to accomplish. Certain features need to be maintained that enhance the user experience. From the songs database to the player, effort should be made to install each feature with desired expertise. Use the Complete Music Solution for WordPress Theme and design your efficient website.

WordPress Photographer Portfolio Theme $19

Your website as a photographer may be the review platform for your work. All the images you click are presented them in the most exquisite way to leave an impression. The tabs should be wide rectangular and pay homage to the size of photographs. Use the WordPress Photographer Portfolio theme to create the best website as your official one.

Special Food Restaurant WordPress Theme $59

Creating a site for your restaurant is a tricky job. You need to give your users the best experience that will pull them to the restaurant at once. With the Special Food Restaurant WordPress theme, you can create effective tabs and attractive features to make your website stand above the rest of the competition. 41. Creating a site for your restaurant is a tricky job. You need to give your users the best experience that will pull them to the restaurant at once. With the Special Food Restaurant WordPress theme, you can create effective tabs and attractive features to make your website stand above the rest of the competition.

Health Care WordPress Theme $49

A Healthcare website is all about the services it provides and the way the layout present them. All the services need to be stated clearly and the tabs, as well as Testimonials of past beneficiaries, comes in handy. With this exclusive Healthcare WordPress theme, you can now bring the ultimate experience to your users.

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