Blue WordPress Themes, Ideal For That Cool, Serene Look

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A website that deals with the ocean or other kinds of water bodies as its main subject would definitely benefit from the use of these blue WordPress themes, which are highly recommended as they are easy to use and very nicely designed. This would not only give the site an aesthetic boost, but also attract visitors with its unique style. The appearance of a website is very important for a good first impression and these themes do that, and much more.

Calm, Powerfully Underscored Themes That Are Designed Efficiently

These websites, available at a premium or fully free, depending on how much features you require, have a high level of dots-per-inch, giving you bright, vivid colors that are bound to catch the attention of those who visit your site. Blue is an extremely popular color in web designing right now, with major websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, among many others making amazing use of it. With these top themes, you can capitalize on the color as well, while not compromising on elements of customization.

Edit All Sorts Of  Things While Staying True To Blue

The overarching design may be blue, but this does not stop you from incorporating your own features into the site, such as web galleries to present images in an orderly fashion so that viewers can through them easily, or various changes to elements like the logo, headers and footers, categories, etc. You can even use the Facebook or Tumblr themes, which come in iconic blue colors.Best free and Premium WordPress Themes and Templates. See More: Red WordPress Themes

Skydiving Blue Responsive WordPress Theme – $75

skydiving blue responsive wordpress theme 75 788x926

Sputnik Blue Responsive WordPress Theme – $38

sputnik blue responsive wordpress theme 38 788x640

Breath Blue Responsive WordPress Theme – $48

breath blue responsive wordpress theme 48 788x650

Aqua Blue Responsive WordPress Theme -$75

aqua blue responsive wordpress theme 75 788x568

Fishing Blue Responsive WordPress Theme – $75

fishing blue responsive wordpress theme 75 788x823

Blue Earth Responsive WordPress theme – $38

blue earth responsive wordpress theme 38 788x753

Swimming Pool Blue Responsive WordPress Theme – $75

swimingpool bue responsive wordpress theme 75 788x1080


Airdev Blue Responsive WordPress Theme – $48

airdev blue responsive wordpress theme 48 788x451

Material Blue Responsive WordPress Theme – $75

material blue responsive wordpress theme 75 788x686

Porto Blue Responsive WordPress Theme – $58

porto blue responsive wordpress theme 58 788x584

Convertible Blue Responsive WordPress Theme – $48

convertible blue responsive wordpress theme 48 788x633

Fish Blue Responsive WordPress Theme – $75

fish blue responsive wordpress theme 788x842

Private Teacher Responsive WordPress Theme – $75

private teacher responsive wordpress theme 75 788x960

Challenge Blue Responsive WordPress Theme – $49

challenge blue responsive wordpress theme 49 788x612


Fast Food Restaurant Blue Responsive WordPress Theme – $75

fast food restaurant blue responsive wordpress theme 788x834

Shiver Blue Responsive WordPress Theme – $49

shiver blue responsive wordpress theme 49 788x704

Torino Blue Responsive WordPress Theme – $49

torino blue responsive wordpress theme 49 788x610

Ambitious Blue Responsive WordPress Theme – $37

ambitious blue responsive wordpress theme 788x798

My Hosting Responsive WordPress Theme – $48

my hosting responsive wordpress theme 48 788x597

Season Blue Responsive WordPress Theme – $35

season blue responsive wordpress theme 35 788x861

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