DJ WordPress Themes: Get the Party Started

If music is your life and rocking the party is your groove, get the party started long before it’s begun. These crazy amazing WordPress themes will make you the delight of any party or disk, with specialized features just for your need. Say goodbye to WordPress woes and be ready to bring in a rocking new theme. Available from a collection of free as well as paid, premium products, now there’s something for everybody!

WordPress Themes that are Tuned into Your Life as a DJ

Generic themes? They are so last year! You’re a DJ, and you are cool, unique and individual. Let your WordPress themes create magic on the web for you. With dark backgrounds and music oriented designs, these themes are just the best. They have theme optimizations, are adaptive to retina displays and just as awesome when viewed on mobile screens as on web browsers. Of course, they offer slideshows, galleries, integration with your hot and happening blog and even YouTube videos!

Perks of Using WordPress Themes

These top themes ensure that you don’t need to worry about Bootstrap, HTML5 or CSS. To enable you to have (and provide) the smoothest user experience, we’ve come out with amazingly lightweight coding and great user interface. WordPress also provides features like contact information, SEO integration to direct traffic to your channel, teaser demos to upcoming events at which you’ll be performing, payment gateways for advanced booking or special tracks, and event calendars! See more: Best WordPress Music TemplatesWebsite Band & Music WordPress Templates

Slam Dj WordPress Theme – $58

slam dj wordpress theme 58 788x899

DJ WordPress Template – $41

dj wordpress template 41 788x1280

Hernan Dj WordPress Theme

hernan dj wordpress theme 788x1212

Noise Dj & Band WordPress Template – $58

noise dj band wordpress template 58 788x477

DJ Responsive WordPress Template – $45

dj responsive wordpress template 45 788x1231

DJ Beats WordPress Music Theme – $69

dj beats wordpress music theme 69 788x1551

Dance Floor DJ WordPress Theme – $49

dance floor dj wordpress theme1 49 788x1299

Music Band & DJ WordPress Template – $58

music band dj wordpress template 58 788x1185

Kontrol Dj WordPress Template

kontrol dj wordpress template 788x1104

MusicPlay DJ Responsive WordPress Template – $48

musicplay dj responsive wordpress template 48 788x1196

Responsive DJ WordPress Theme – $40

responsive dj wordpress theme 40 788x1275

Stylico Responsive Dj Template – $19

stylico responsive dj template 19 788x578

Best DJ WordPress Theme

best dj wordpress theme 788x1186

Download WordPress Dj Theme – $43

download wordpress dj theme 43 788x1122

DJ Responsive WordPress Theme – $45

dj responsive wordpress theme2 45 788x1246

Eprom Dj WordPress Music Template – $58

eprom dj wordpress music template 58 788x495

WordPress DJ Music Template – $49

wordpress dj music template 49 788x1289

Best DJ Responsive WordPress Template – $45

best dj wordpress theme11 788x1480

Applause Responsive Music & DJ WP Template – $43

applause responsive music dj wp template 43 788x1323

Simple DJ WordPress Theme – $67

simple dj wordpress theme 67 788x1547

Acoustic Premium DJ WordPress Template – $58

acoustic premium dj wordpress template 58 788x1080

Beat Heaven Dj WordPress Theme – $55

beat heaven dj wordpress theme 55 788x1024

Night DJ WordPress Template – $69

night dj wordpress template 69 788x1347

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