60+ Free WordPress Themes & Templates 2023

Is your website sluggish and taking forever to load? Why don’t you try our free wordpress themes. Our exclusive free wordpress themes can be used for any business. Along with the free themes, one will get the free updates as well.Migrating from other platforms to WordPress is a lot more enticing and it has a learning curve. We have one free wordpress theme just for everyone.


You May also See New WordPress Themes Yes, we are offering it for free. However, one need to pay the annual premium, which comes at affordable price. Our themes are tested in all browsers and they are loading just perfect. Fantastic headers along with thumbnail images are well placed across the pages and these are just ready made as plug and play. The Ajax framework we use in designing the pages help in loading the page in no time. You May also See Free WordPress Themes

SEO Agency WordPress Theme/Template

Sushi Restaurant WordPress Theme/Template

Spa WordPress Theme/Template

Clinic WordPress Theme/Template

Pizza WordPress Theme/Template

Gym WordPress Theme/Template

Pharmacy WordPress Theme/Template

Church WordPress Theme/Template

Cherry Framework Business Free WordPress Theme

cherry framework free wordpress theme
A Business WordPress Theme needs to be spot on with space for regular updated news feed and other wide tabs with specific focus on the quality of the text. Cherry Framework Business Free WordPress Theme includes an attractive layout which stands out in terms of appearance and efficiency.

Beautiful eComerce Free WordPress Template

beautiful ecomerce free wordpress template
An e Commerce website should be quick to load and contain large and effective fonts and layouts, where the user can compare different products. Large tabs with different color combinations are usually advised to have a long lasting impression on the user. Create the desired effect with Beautiful e-commerce Free WordPress Template.

Consulting Firm Free WordPress Theme

consulting firm free wordpress theme
Consulting firms should have an elegant website that displays all the services they offer in lucid easy to understand way. It is important that the site contains testimonials of past clients as it helps in engaging users. Apart from all these, the consulting firm website should be interactive and quick at its best. Use the Consulting Firm Free WordPress Theme to create the best website.

Corporate Web Agency Free WordPress Theme

corporate free business wordpress theme
One of the important things, corporates often skip on their websites is the about us part where they explain the purpose of the organization and what they stand for. Specific focus should be given to them with wide tabs and lucid text with elegant colors. You can now create your own corporate website with utmost efficiency using the Corporate Web Agency Free WordPress Theme.

Free WordPress Template For Photo Shoot

photo free wordpress template
A photoshoot website is a tricky business being out should bring your talent to picture in the most memorable of ways. A big title with some description about your work and some of your best clicked ones in wide rectangular shape, this is one theme you can never go wrong with. Make the most of Free WordPress Template for Photo Shoot given right here.

Business Free WordPress Theme For Digital Agency

digital agency free wordpress theme
A digital agency website should have the standard features of a title over an apt background image and tabs with full-fledged content dedicated solely to the goals of the agency and the features they provide. Use the Business Free WordPress Theme for Digital Agency to steal the show with the most elegant layout presented in the most appropriate way.

Elegant Portfolio Free WordPress Theme

elegant free wordpress theme
Elegant WordPress websites have the tendency to impress the user in the first attempt and urge him to visit again. Some title that grab eyeballs to the wide and largely rectangular tab that displays the goals of the website along with some testimonials on the features offered. With Elegant Portfolio Free WordPress Theme, you are definitely aiming at a step in the right direction.

Lifestyle Yoga Club Free WordPress Template

yoga club free wordpress template
A lifestyle and yoga website should have an attractive and impressive layout whose entire focus should be on keeping the visitors engaged. Features like benefits of yoga or yoga for beginners should be included on the home page itself. Use the Lifestyle Yoga Club Free WordPress Template to create the best website.

Multipurpose Free WordPress Theme For Corporate

attractive free wordpress theme
Corporates may require websites for different reasons. It can be a professional blog or a site dedicated to any certain product or service. It should contain all the required links on the first page itself with an entire area dedicated to the testimonials of the past users. Build your own website with Multipurpose Free WordPress Theme for Corporates.

Free WordPress Theme For Cool Blogging

blogger free wordpress theme
Blogging is you at yourself at its very best. Your blogger site should resonate with you and your theme for the blog. Room is given for enough pics along with exclusive features like a timeline to browse old articles and some tags to do more efficient search. Exploit all these exclusive features with many others using the Free WordPress Theme for Cool Blogging.

Photography Free WordPress Theme For Models

photography free wordpress theme
Being a model and a blogger, your website should be aligned with your personality and work as its extension. A dedicated reel to showcase your photography talent and some themed wide tabs that gives out your articles is the best way to approach the site. Create an efficient website using Photography Free WordPress Theme for Models.

Magazine Free WordPress Theme About Business And Websites

magazine free wordpress theme
A magazine portal should contain sufficient space on the page to allow flow of different articles and wide tabs to flaunt the pictures. There can be certain other features in terms of timeline to access archive and a comment thread for users to give their views. Magazine Free WordPress Theme about Business and Websites will help you to create just the right site.

Free Minimal Business & Portfolio WordPress Theme

bizz – free minimal business portfolio wordpress theme
A website should always be focused on delivering with maximum information by exploiting minimum space on the page. The layout should be impressive and apart from the big title, specific emphasis should be labeled on tabs that displays the purpose and about your organization. Use the Free Minimal Business & Portfolio WordPress Theme to get the desired effect.

A restaurant website should have the capability to bind the user who in turn feels urgency to pay a visit at the restaurant. There should be sufficient space for pictures and articles about your restaurant and food. The Blogs should be efficiently laid at the bottom of the page. Get the desired effect with the Restaurant Free WordPress Theme.

Free WordPress Theme For News Websites

news free wordpress theme
News website often includes images and content integrated in the most innovative ways possible. Tabs are devoted to the specific news sets in different domains to foster user engagement. The background is kept light for easy readability. Make your website with the Free WordPress Theme for News Websites to leave a lasting impression.

Awesome Free Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme

portafolio free responsive portfolio wordpress theme
Your portfolio website is a platform that integrates your content and pics in an impressive layout using the most lucrative of ways. With a large title, there are dedicated spaces for your blog and your pictures. Try to include some interesting features to impress your users but prevent overdoing it. The Awesome Free Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme is the ideal example.

Free WordPress BusinessTheme

free wordpress businesstheme
A WordPress dedicated to your business needs to be right at the money with all its graphics and features. Placing the company’s logo and name on the top left corner along with menu seems to be the best strategy. Tabs that explain the company’s vision and policies are always welcomed. The Free WordPress Business Theme does this job with perfection.

Minimal Free WordPress Theme For Personal Portfolio

minimal free wordpress theme for personal portfolio
A personal portfolio is an extension of your personality. Your website should reflect what you are as a person and must include all the images and text arranged exquisitely with wide tabs and elegant colors. Use the Minimal Free WordPress Theme for Personal Portfolio to create the best portfolio for you.

Free Responsive Blog WordPress Theme For Photography

thoughts free responsive blog wordpress theme
Being a multi-purpose professional, your website will include Type of content be it a blog or some image or a video. With such a vast pool of content make sure your site’s layout is right at the money to increase user engagement. Use the Stunning Free WordPress Template for Multipurpose Professional and leave an indelible impression.

Stunning Free WordPress Template For Multipurpose Professional

professional free wordpress template
An online magazine features articles that are updated at a regular interval of time. The website thus needs to be extremely light and responsive. The layout must be impressive to which the user can connect and always look forward to more content from magazine. Use Superb Free WordPress Theme For Online Magazine.

Superb Free WordPress Theme For Online Magazine

gopress free wordpress theme
A small business often means limited number of resources. It is thus preliminary that most of their work happen online preferably on a website. The site thus needs to resonate with the vision of the business and tabs must be dedicated to company’s goals and services. Make the most using the Free WordPress Theme for Small Business.

Free WordPress Theme For Small Business

free one page wordpress theme
A small business often means limited number of resources. It is thus preliminary that most of their work happen online preferably on a website. The site thus needs to resonate with the vision of the business and tabs must be dedicated to company’s goals and services. Make the most using the Free WordPress Theme for Small Business.

Live News Free WordPress Template

live news free wordpress template
A news website is one of the trickiest sites to pull off. With high influx of content, it is important to keep the site light and regularly updated. Certain features that facilitate browsing in a very customizable way should be included. Use the Live News Free WordPress Template to gain the desired effect.

Best Free Business WordPress Theme For Online Business

best free business wordpress theme
An online business should have a proficient website that makes sure the user comes back always. Building an engagement is a priority here. The title should be large in size with appropriate space for tabs that displays vision, goals and services offered by the site. Make the best site by exploiting the Best Free Business WordPress Theme for Online Business.

Beautiful Free WordPress Template For Shop Zone

beautiful free wordpress template for shop zone
A shop zone website always generate high traffic that will in accordance with all the content present, will make the site to lack responsiveness. Such a site should always include all the categories in the front page itself. The layout should be very user friendly. Use the Beautiful Free WordPress Template for Shop Zone to create the website.

Free WordPress Template For Photo Blogger

photo blogger free wordpress template
A photo blogger must develop a website that is as extensively elegant as it can be. With an about Us tab at the bottom to some large tabs that create the effect for an album, all are welcome keeping in mind it does not get overdone. Use interesting features to make it as user friendly as possible. Make most of the Free WordPress Template for Photo Blogger available here.

Free WordPress Ecommerce Theme For Multi Products

free wordpress ecommerce theme
An E-commerce website is one of the most difficult Type of sites to maintain for a long period of time. The traffic is generated on a fairly regular basis and the layout must include all the wide tabs that focus on the products and services delivered by the platform. Use the Free WordPress Ecommerce Theme for Multi Products and make your site worth it.

Modern Design Free WordPress Theme For Foodhunt

foodhunt free wordpress theme
Food hunt sites rely heavily on their content. It is thus important that all the images and text used are properly curated and presented in an extremely delightful way. Testimonials are again very important for such a site and thus a column in terms of news feed is also welcome. Use the Modern Design Free WordPress Theme for Food hunt.

Multipurpose Free WordPress Template

multipurpose free wordpress template
A multipurpose website includes all the services that are commonly provided over Internet. It may be an E-commerce of marketing but this a nice way to bloom your business too by posting content regularly. The layout for such a task can be very daunting and thus one can learn a lot from the Multipurpose Free WordPress Template given right here.

Simple Free WordPress Theme For Multipurpose

simple multipurpose free wordpress theme
Multipurpose websites offer some rather interesting designs which certainly counts as an innovative features and draw user’s attention. Wide tabs for all the services provided needs to be made available and an elegant combination of colors should be brought to use. The desired effect can be skill fully achieved by Simple Free WordPress Theme for Multipurpose.

Perfect Free WordPress Theme For Color News

color news free wordpress theme
News website requires regular updates to keep the users on board. Certain filters that helps them to customize the news brought to them is highly appreciated. Different color combinations must be used to display news in terms of categories. Use the Perfect Free WordPress Theme for Color News to create an attractive news website.

Blog Free WordPress Template For Nature Photography

blog free wordpress template
Nature photography is a domain that attracts people from all age groups in society. A website on the same thus should be built with many add-ons and colored layout that resonates with the theme of the photograph. Tabs for different categories will enhance efficiency of the site. Get the required theme from Blog Free WordPress Template for Nature Photography.

A website for a shop store will require sufficient space on its home page booked exclusively for displaying products. Features like comparing products are also welcome. It is thus important to have a layout that is easy to use. With the free WordPress Template For shop store, you can create an efficient site.

Free WordPress Theme For Smooth Scrolling

smoth scrolling free wordpress theme
Websites need to have smooth scrolling to build up the ultimate user experience. This becomes all the more important when single page websites are in consideration. It is important to keep the content on the lower side to ensure a quick responsive and smooth scrolling website. Use the free WordPress Theme for smooth scrolling.

Free WordPress Theme For Advanced Multipurpose

advance multipurpose free wordpress theme
An advanced multi-purpose site includes certain features that may be blogging, E-commerce or video content. It is thus tricky to maintain this integrated system efficiently. The room has to be given to all the services and wide tabs are to be used. Use the Free WordPress Theme for Advanced Multipurpose to get required website.

Multi Oriented Free WordPress Template For Business

multi oriented free wordpress template
A business website needs to thoroughly analyze the domain of business and in the case of multi orientation, maintain a balance between all the respective domains. Such a site overflowing with content should be kept light and responsive. Use the Multi-Oriented Free WordPress Template for Business and create the website you need.

Free Playbook WordPress Theme

free playbook wordpress theme
A playbook theme for a website contains wide tabs devoted solely to different features of the site. The bright colors and an attractive layout are important to generate a special experience for the user. Testimonials are included to help people connect and develop a feeling of trust. Use the Free Playbook WordPress Theme to make your website stand out

Health Care & Fitness Free WordPress Theme

health care fitness free wordpress theme
Health Care and fitness websites should have wide tabs in menu and Testimonials at the bottom to engage in more people. Certain features must also be included that enhances user experience. All this can be proficiently achieved by using the Health Care & Fitness Free WordPress Theme for your website.

Free WordPress Template For Designer Photography

designer free wordpress template
Designer Photography must contain your best clicks on the home page with a bit of content to ensure some traffic. Using wide tabs to display your pics and a brief profile is certainly the right way to go. Color combinations should be chosen with care. Use the Free WordPress Template For Designer Photography for this.

Design Free WordPress Theme For Multipurpose

design free wordpress theme for multipurpose
Multipurpose websites are difficult to maintain due to the entanglement of different types of content which further belong to different domains. The site should be kept light and responsive and the graphics and designing play a crucial role here. Design Free WordPress Theme for Multi-purpose available right here.

Stylish Free WordPress Template For Photo Snaps

stylish free wordpress template for photo snaps
Photo Snaps look attractive when done properly. The site needs to have wide tabs with pictures that also includes a brief description. Progressive color combinations and elegant layout help your website to stand above the rest. Use the Stylish Free WordPress Template for Photo Snaps to create the desired effect.

Tourist & Visiting Places Free WordPress Theme

tourist visiting places free wordpress theme
Tourist website is the ones that generate high traffic throughout the year. They should have a wide rectangular tab that portrays the list of different tours and packages. Testimonials also act as a huge Motivating factor when it comes to bringing in new users. Get the Tourist & Visiting Places Free WordPress Theme right here.

Free WordPress Template For Online Magazines

online magazine free wordpress template
Online Magazines are pretty much into fashion at the moment. They are all about the content they present and the way they present it. This is primarily due to the theme and the effects. This is where the Free WordPress Template for Online Magazines comes in handy to help you get the website you want.

World Tour Visit Free WordPress Theme

world tour visit free wordpress theme
A tourism website should include all the packages on the home page and the world tour offered should be displayed with elegance in wide rectangular tabs. The Testimonials should be included in the form of a continuous feed to create the desired effect. Use the World Tour Visit Free WordPress Theme and make the best of the website.

An art based website is one of the most beautiful things out there. It is not just about the art work there but also the entire way the website is represented. Give the heart throbbing ability to your site with the Responsive Free WordPress Unique Art Theme available right here.

Elegant Free WordPress Template For Magazine

elegant magzine free wordpress template
A magazine needs to have broad tabs that display news items and other content of the website. Certain other features can also be added that will enhance the user experience with better customization. Use this exclusive theme for Elegant Free WordPress Template for Magazine.

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