28+ HTML5 WordPress Themes – Top Rated & Most Downloaded Templates!

We are not going to beat around the bush and make you read long unnecessary introductions. Let’s get to the essence of this blog post at once.

Hockey Team WordPress Theme

hockey team wordpress theme A very interesting design for a hockey blog, team, club, etc. Parallax effect provides the feel of immersion into website’s layout. Big cool images look very spectacular. Main menu is hidden. It is presented in the form of red circular icon. The items slide out on mouse click. The sections are separated from one another with the help of the oblique lines. Elements animated with HTML plus JS respond each customer’s action. Big headlines make site content easy to read. A heap of pucks at the footer can be considered a real author’s zest.

HTML5 WordPress Theme for a Brewery

html5 wordpress theme for a brewery This theme for a beer brewing company walks you through its pages in the engaging and unobtrusive manner. Parallax effect gives an amazing 3D look to the common 2D design. Main menu has drop down option. Its items are framed on hovering. Search bar appears on clicking the loupe at the right top corner of the web page. There are two sliders on board. The bigger one at the header displays beer related images with explanatory text over them. The second slider features customers’ testimonials, which is good for company image. The author uses simple round icons to make the content easier to absorb. ‘Our beers’ section is supplied with tabs and hover effect. Trendy ghost buttons appear on hovering the images. Company team members’ photos, links to their social profiles and additional info show that there are real people behind the project. Contact form is available for sending quick messages to the company. Social media icons at the footer are large and touch-friendly.

Interior & Furniture HTML5 WordPress Theme

interior furniture html5 wordpress theme This is a theme for furniture company. It has a nice look. Big beautiful images show creatively designed interiors and furniture. Sortable gallery will help you style your content the way you like it. Parallax effect adds realism to the layout. Main mega menu sticks to the top of the page when you begin to scroll it. Customers’ testimonials are displayed in a slider. Transparent elements make the website even more current. The theme is SEO friendly. Social options let you promote your company on popular social networks. Integrated audio and video players are able to make your web presentation even more impressive.

WordPress Theme for a Modern Restaurant

wordpress theme for a modern restaurant This theme was developed for cafe and restaurant websites. The author perfectly portrays restaurant environments and dishes it serves with the help of big yummy photos of the HD quality. Logo and main drop down menu have lowered position. Menu has fixed position on the page. Meals images have hover effect. Ghost buttons are trendy features that seamlessly blend with the layout. Design elements are placed over the white brick background. Additional links at the bottom of the page are accompanied by images. Google map will help restaurant guests find the enterprise quickly and easily.

WordPress Theme for a Construction Co

wordpress theme for a construction co This serious theme will fit construction company of any size. It is solid and feature-rich. Main drop down menu has fixed position, it is supplied with images as well. Slider features the best company projects. You can choose between four gallery scripts to make your web presentation unforgettable. Bright yellow elements stand out and emphasize the most essential information. Photos of different constructions have zooming effect. Team section is well presented. Close-ups of company employees raise the level of prospective customers’ trust. Clients’ testimonials are also available at the bottom of the page, right above the built in Google map. Social media icons are at the right bottom corner of the page.

Your Cafe WordPress Theme

your cafe wordpress theme Here is an interesting solution for cafe or restaurant website. We can see fresh vegetables and spices on the blurred background. Social sharing icons are at the right top corner of the page where they can be easily found by the visitors. Header has slightly lowered position. Drop down menu is dark, so the text is clearly readable over it. Built in videos tell the users about the restaurant better than any words. They can also read culinary related posts on the page and leave a reply with the help of simple contact form. Company contacts are framed. Teapot, cup and white flowers at the footer look very peaceful.

WordPress Theme for a Pool Cleaning Company

wordpress theme for a pool cleaning company This theme for pool cleaning is made in blue colors. Company logo is huge and noticeable. Neat sketchy icons on top of the page are supplied with tooltips. Main drop down menu has lowered position. It sticks to the top of the page as you scroll down. Big headings draw visitors’ attention. Company services come with images that are supplied with zooming effect. Gallery section has tabbed navigation. Testimonials are featured in slider. Contact form and built in Google map are available for visitors’ convenience. Social media icons have circular form.

Cafe Restaurant HTML5 WordPress Theme

cafe restaurant html5 wordpress theme This theme for cafes and restaurants has a minimalist layout. The author placed a few design elements onto the transparent block. The visitor can see restaurant layout through it. Company logo is at the center of the page. Click the hamburger menu icon and you will get access to the main menu. Social media icons are small. They seamlessly blend with website layout. The theme is supplied with parallax effect which will help you make your enterprise presentation more impressive. The theme is built on Cherry Framework 4, which makes its customization even easier than before. MotoPress Editor is also a cool feature. You can integrate audio and video files into your web page.

Illustrative IT Technology WordPress Theme

illustrative it wordpress theme The author uses a rather unusual design technique for this theme that is a perfect fit for IT company. The usage of illustrations is rare today, so it’s a good chance to differ from the competitors. The theme has two sliders to feature as much content as needed. Icons with long shadows look stylish. Ghost buttons capture visitors’ attention and call them for action. Infographics elements help to make site content easier for comprehension. The theme is supplied with parallax effect, sortable gallery, it is retina ready, has Cherry Framework 4 in its core. Of course it’s just the tip of an iceberg.

WordPress Theme for Senior Care Co

wordpress theme for senior care co This is a perfect fit for senior home care companies. It is designed in fair bluish colors that are associated with peace and professionalism. Main menu is pined. Slider images come with transparent text bocks and a round ‘More’ button. Nice circular images with the text below them greet the visitors. Company services are arranged in three columns. Parallax effect adds depth to the layout. The streaming video makes it more interesting to view. Newsletter sign up form is big and touch friendly. Built in Google map is available as well as social media icons and company contacts. The theme is one of Monstroid child themes, so it is current and extremely feature-rich.

Pasta HTML5 WordPress Theme

pasta wordpress theme This is a great theme for pasta and ravioli companies. It has a clean professional design. Main menu bar is of the uncommon shape. It constantly stays before the visitors’ eyes thanks to fixed position feature. Typography solution is very elegant and highly relevant for the topic. Product presentation is amazing. Slider shows yummy dishes cooked from company products. Popular items are featured in a grid and have nice hover effects. Incredible color scheme, imagery and parallax effect work magic on your screen. The theme is SEO ready, built on Cherry Framework 4, possessing all its multiple goodies.

Hypnotherapy WordPress Theme

hypnotherapy wordpress theme The theme was created for hypnosis clinics or hypnotherapists. It is designed in light greenish tones that are easy for the eyes and are strongly associated with health, peace and relaxation. Slider shows happy people’s images. They come with text blocks. BTW, you can choose among Accordion, Carousel, Isotope and Slider gallery scripts. Four promo banners are designed with trendy long shadows. Recovered patients’ testimonials boost trust to the clinic. Footer contains additional links, social sharing block and company contacts. Audio and video files integration is also possible if you need to impart the page even more reliable look. Customization will be a child game with MotoPress Editor and fourth Cherry Framework version.

Web Design Co WordPress Theme

web design co wordpress theme If you want to present your company as a modern, creative web design agency, this theme is for you. The author uses trendy polygons that incredibly decorate the layout. Company logo is simply huge, it occupies the whole screen. Lots of white space and bright, uncommon animal image make the users focus on it. Main drop down menu is minimalist. It has lowered position on the page and sticks to the top as you scroll. On clicking the circular button at the ‘Perfect solution section’, the user gets to company blog. Company advantages are styled with the help of simple sketchy icons. Best company works are showcased in a beautiful gallery. Images there respond users’ actions. Impressive video presentation is also included into the page. Newsletter subscription form is big and touch-friendly. Footer is very appealing. It includes social media blocks and company contacts.

WordPress Theme for Business Co

wordpress theme for business co This responsive theme is best for business companies. Its layout is serious and trustworthy. The author created the illusion of depth and perspective on site with the help of parallax effect. Company business ideas are featured in a slider. Numbers and personnel portraits as well as famous partners’ logos are great for creating a bullet-proof company reputation. The theme is well documented, so you will find detailed information and instructions on theme’s features, installation, customization and so on in the package. Admin panel, Bootstrap, MotoPress Editor, Responsive, Retina Ready, Cherry Framework 4.0 – this is just a brief list of cool theme’s features you’ll be able to enjoy.

Tattoo Salon HTML5 WordPress Theme

tattoo salon html5 wordpress theme This cool dark theme was developed for tattoo salons. Logo in retro style looks really cool. Main drop down menu is placed on the transparent bar. It sticks to the top of the page as you start to scroll. Big ghost buttons call users for action. Beautiful bodies with artistic tattoos serve perfect advertisement for the agency. Video and photo galleries will help you draw more customers to your salon. Popular services are presented with the help of circular photos. Customers’ testimonials, Google map as well as ‘Back to top’ button are available for users’ convenience. Parallax and Lazy Load effects add special charm to the website.

Home Cleaning Services WordPress Theme

home cleaning services wordpress theme This buoyant colorful theme conveys its visitors a clear notion that cleaning may be easy. Social sharing icons are placed both on top and at the bottom of the page. Company contacts can be found at the header, so the visitor shouldn’t even scroll down to see them. Big search bar is right under the main menu. Text on banners zooms in on hovering. Company advantages are illustrated and presented in a grid. Site users will be able to read latest company news and events on the home page. Built in Google map and back to top button are available at the bottom. There is online chat that will provide immediate support to site users.

Corporate HTML5 WordPress Theme

global business company wordpress theme The theme is an ideal option for corporate websites. It has a hidden menu, which is very usable, especially on small smartphone screens. Full-screen slider has image based navigation. Company solutions are illustrated and clearly readable over the white background. Strategy information is also presented in a slider. Projects gallery has tabbed navigation. The best projects are featured with the help of circular images. Parallax and Lazy load effects make the website look up-to-date. The theme uses the power of Bootstrap, is WPML ready and extremely easy to customize and maintain.

Global Business Company WordPress Theme

global business company wrdpress theme Blue color is traditionally associated with business websites. So, this is a time-tested color solution for your prospective web page. Light polygon pattern in the background imparts the theme a trendy look. Web design elements have rounded form. Social media icons are placed on the menu bar. Slider images are displayed with the text. Lazy Load effect is a good solution for the users who don’t like to wait until all page elements are loading. Subtle animation looks highly appropriate here. Company news is presented in two columns. Newsletter subscription form is big, so it is easy to notice it. Google map and ‘Back to top’ button are at the bottom of the page to improve UX on site.

WordPress Theme for Web Design Company

wordpress theme for web design company Need a good solution for your web design company? Use this theme. It will let you create an image of experienced professionals on the web. The theme has a clean and accurate layout. Main drop down menu has fixed position on the page. Full screen HD image that greets the customers, offers them either contact the company or view its portfolio. Enough white space lets the users focus on website content. Images at the projects gallery section respond each user’s action. Interactivity is a big plus when it comes to site usability questions. The theme is responsive, crossbrowser compatible and utilizes only Google web fonts to provide perfect website rendering on any gadget.

Car Insurance Co Responsive WordPress Theme

car insurance co responsive wordpress theme The theme was designed for car insurance companies. An open umbrella present in the company logo is very symbolic as represents safety and protection. Black and white photos perfectly match white and green layout colors. Main drop down menu has fixed position. You can search the site clicking the loupe at the right top corner of the page. Slider at the welcome section shows the fastest and the most luxury cars in the world. Some facts about the company are presented with the help of numbers, which look impressive and are easy to understand. Company services are supplied with interesting hover effects. There is an option which lets the prospective customers get and compare car insurance quotes. Existing customers’ testimonials and reputed partners logos facilitate the creation of trustworthy company image. Social media icons are big and noticeable. Built in Google map is available at the bottom of the page.

Sport & Fitness Responsive WordPress Theme

sport fitness responsive wordpress theme This dark masculine theme is best for bodybuilding websites. The author uses many beautiful photos of people with athletic figures in slider and all over the site. Main drop down menu has fixed position on the page. Red logo and other elements draw users’ attention to the essential information. The theme is responsive, WPML ready, has comfy admin panel, uses the ultimate Bootstrap toolkit and has Cherry Framework in its core. It is SEO friendly and has Google map at the bottom of the page.

Business Camp HTML5 WordPress Website Theme

business camp wordpress theme The theme was developed for business coaching websites. Orange colors of the layout stimulate users’ brain activity. Company logo has triangular shape. Sharp edges can be seen in other layout elements design as well. Main drop down menu has lowered position on the page. Simple circular icons help the users understand what is the block about even without reading the text. Business cases are styled in a list. Company partners’ logos are above the testimonials section, which is placed into slider. Small ‘Back to top’ button is available at the right bottom corner of the page.

WordPress Theme for Education Websites

wordpress theme for education websites This education theme is designed in flat style. Bright colored blocks look very cheerful. Rainbow menu has fixed position. HTML plus JS animation breathes life into design elements. Parallax scroll creates the illusion of 3D environments. The theme is supplied with social options, so you can promote your website on social networks. The theme is SEO friendly, well documented, retina ready. It offers MotoPress Editor, Bootstrap and Cherry Framework 4 to simplify the process of customization for you.

Life Insurance WordPress Theme

life insurance wordpress theme The theme is recommended for insurance companies. It has three sliders in the layout, which helps to feature as much information as you wish without any risk to make the layout cluttered. Minimalist menu items are framed on hovering. Menu bar sticks to the top of the page as you begin to scroll. Search field is also there for the users who know what they want to find on site. Additional links and social media icons are at the footer. Audio and video players integration will make the story of your company really memorable.

Cheerleading Team WordPress Theme

cheerleading team wordpress theme This sexy theme is great for cheerleading teams. Red color and photos of gorgeous girls will grab Internet users’ attention. Main drop down menu has fixed position. Round banners also look rather unusual. Team members’ quotes are featured in a slider. Newsletter subscription form is large and touch-friendly. Company features are presented with the help of numbers. Company events are showcased over the polygon background. Google map is placed over the footer, where you can find social media block.

WordPress Theme for Dental Clinic

wordpress theme for dental clinic The theme was designed for dental clinics. Blue colors are good for such kind of projects. Full-screen slider shows featured clinic services. Information about the medical enterprise is supplied with neat circular icons. Animated effects make the website interactive, that is, more engaging. ‘Our team’ block comes with doctors photos, which raises trust to the company. Clinic gallery has tabbed navigation. Patients testimonials, partners’ logos, quick contact form and Google map are available for visitors’ convenience.

Car Repair WordPress Theme

car repair wordpress theme The theme was designed for car repair companies. Big slider shows auto service professionals at work. Information about car repair is supplied with simple black and white icons. Information about team members comes with photos. Company services block is sketchy and minimalist. Gallery section with tabbed navigation lets you place as much content as you wish there. Grateful customers’ testimonials, company partners’ logos, simple contact form and Google map are also here to enhance website reliability and usability.

Travel Guide WordPress Theme

travel guide wordpress theme A good website for travel agency should be really spectacular to override the competitors on the market. This theme is exactly what you need. Yellow accents guide user’s eyes through the web page. Slider images show the most beautiful places on earth. The website has a very nice gallery with tabbed navigation. The combination of simplicity and HD quality images makes deep impression on the site viewer. Parallax and Lazy Load effects add a trendy feel to the layout. You will be able to fine-tune your slider and use all power of Bootstrap and Cherry Framework to create a really unique website for your business.

Minimalist Business Responsive WordPress Theme

minimalist business responsive wordpress theme If you like minimalism in web design and need a serious website for your business company, choose this theme. It has a hidden menu which considerably saves the space on the page. Images in slider are fair and come with text. Information about the company is presented in clean animated grid, which interacts with site user. Customer quotes are also placed into slider. You can choose between four sliders available by default. The theme is responsive, SEO friendly, has online chat, and offers all cool features of Bootstrap and Cherry Framework. What is so special about them? First of all, the themes have been created by one of the industry leaders with vast web design and development experience. They are not only appealing, but qualitative. It will be easy for you to customize them and maintain in future. You even don’t need to have an extensive technical skills for that. Company professionals have done all complex coding job instead of you. Everybody knows that there is nothing impossible for WordPress, but these themes are built on the basis of Cherry Framework and utilize the power of Bootstrap, which makes their customization really enjoyable. Themes’ interactivity is also a great benefit which helps to make user experience on your site much better. Parallax and Lazy load effects also contribute into impressive web presentations as well as big HD imagery, interesting typography solutions, audio and video files integration and much more. All themes are responsive and crossbrowser compatible, which provides perfect rendering on any gadget a user prefers. Texts are styled in the easy to read manner. Sliders help to showcase your content impressively. Themes’ provider gives you the choice of four of them by default. All themes are delivered with exensive documentation so you will have no issues with their installation and customization. 24/7 support is also there ready to answer any question you have almost immediately. We guess it’s high time to browse 30 WordPress themes featured here. We are sure you won’t be disappointed. The variety of topics is rich, so you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Have an efficient browsing, these themes are ably to free lots of time for you and save from extra efforts.

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